DD – Paving Roads

Dear Diary,

I’ve been thinking about The Paver lately and wondering what that means. I know it has nothing to do with him personally, but maybe processing my thoughts on his concept of paving roads. Right, he paves roads. Roads he says he never intends to use. 

I caught him chatting with other girls on FetLife and making plans to meet up with them. Had we been in an open relationship I’d have thought nothing of it, but we weren’t, and he was hiding it from me.

He wasn’t really interested in seeing other people he said, he was just paving roads. Paving roads? What the hell does that even mean? Basically, it meant he was testing the waters to see if there was interest, to see if he “could” find other people to date but that he never planned on actually meeting anyone.

Why do people pave roads they don’t intend to travel? If I paved a road I would do so because I wanted to use it, to take my car for a drive and see where it led. Maybe it would be a long scenic drive I’d never return from, or just a quick spin around the block. Maybe it would be a road trip adventure where I stop at all the scenic spots along the way. Either way, I sure as hell would check that road out.

He likened it to applying for a job when you are happy where you are. You just want to know you are still hireable so start applying for new jobs.

I have a few issues with that. First off, your intention may not have been to get a new job, but what if you find one you really like and they offer it to you? What if it is for more money than you make now? Are you really going to turn it down? And secondly, if you were truly happy at your job I don’t think you would go out applying for new ones.

To me, this whole paving roads thing is a crock. I only pave roads I am interested in using. Why pave them otherwise?

One thought on “DD – Paving Roads

  1. Mucky

    Paving roads… I liked reading it. Very symbolic and with some deep rooted purpose. Nice!

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