When I Was Younger

I believe I have always been a sexual person. Even when I was younger I was sexual, adventurous, and I wanted to push my boundaries. Not much has changed in that regard. I’ve been thinking about my younger years lately. About how I wanted things without really knowing what they were or even what wanting them meant. About naughty adventures I took that could have ended much differently than they did.

I wasn’t sexually active per se, but I did masturbate quite a bit. Again, not much has changed. I would always do it at what seemed like odd times or places to me, and often with objects other than my fingers or a vibrator. Actually, I still don’t really use vibrators. I prefer the feeling of being full, the tightness of my cunt around a large dildo or hand or cock, or the weight of glass balls filling me rather than the vibrations of a toy inside my cunt. The Magic Wand on the other hand, I can get behind that kind of rumbling, thuddy, vibrations on my clit. I’ve not tried those new clit sucking toys but am anxious to see how they feel.

When I was younger I wasn’t always the safest with things. Thankfully I’ve grown up and learned to make better choices, to be safer about what goes on or inside my body, be it toys or people. I do still quite enjoy some things that aren’t necessarily that safe, like hot wax or pinwheels, but am sure to take precautions when indulging in those sensations these days.

One time, as a teenager, I went for a bike ride in a local wooded area near my home. My bike took me everywhere in those days as I did not get my drivers license until I was 24, so riding the trails was nothing new. As I was racing through the trails I wondered what it would be like to feel the breeze on my naked skin. I lifted my shirt up to expose myself, and liked it. I pulled the waist band up over my head so that my whole front was exposed and wouldn’t be as easy to pull back down should someone suddenly appear around the bend. That felt even more exciting. I rode around the wooded trails, relishing the feeling of the warm summer breeze on my exposed breasts. My nipples grew taut and I could feel a tingling between my legs. When I pinched my nipples the tingling sensation grew stronger.

That wasn’t enough though, I had to push it further. I then undid my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down my thighs. Gosh that felt good too. I pulled them down to my knees, to the point where I could sit on the bike and ride it with my jeans resting against the frame. My nakedness against the seat, the air flowing past when I stood up on the peddles, it was all so very intoxicating. I don’t remember for certain, but it is possible I fingered myself and licked my fingers clean.

I continued riding the trails like that until I heard someone else in the woods. A quick pull and tuck and I was covered by the time he came past me on the trail. He may not have seen my naked body but I am sure he noticed my flushed cheeks and generally flustered demeanour. 

I’ve never outgrown the desire to be naked nearly all the time, especially outside.

#452: Teenage Years

3 thoughts on “When I Was Younger

  1. Yes I understand that desire to be naked – if i lived in a hot place i would never get dressed lol
    May x

  2. Being naked just is such a good feeling, and I can totally understand the thrill of the bike ride, the way you did it. Exciting! And as for making better choices about toys and people… same here!
    ~ Marie xox

  3. It sounds like an amazing experience 🙂

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