DD – He’s Married

Dear Diary,

I hate that he got married. It isn’t like I thought we would ever get married, but I did think we were heading towards something more serious. More than friends, more than friends with benefits. I thought, I felt, that we would get serious with each other. And you know, I can usually tell when something big is up. Not this time. This time it came as a complete surprise and knocked me on my ass. It really hurt. It’s been some time now, but it still fucking hurts.

5 thoughts on “DD – He’s Married

  1. Dang- I think I need to catch up- but you weren’t given any heads up? This sounds awful. I’m so sorry!

    • None at all. He made his trip and returned like nothing happened. Then told me a few months later as I was getting ready to go on vacation. I couldn’t even process it. We spent the afternoon together then he tells me as I am frantically trying to finish packing my bag with ten minutes before my ride showed up. I ended up on vacation without any pj’s, swimsuit, toothbrush, and I can’t remember what else. It was awful.

  2. Oh my…I need to catch up, too! That sounds awful!

  3. violet fawkes

    This is awful, I’m so sorry. Of course it hurts – what a colossal betrayal.

  4. I am so sorry, Stella 🙁
    ~ Marie xox

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