Five Guys

A few weeks ago a friend and I, along with my son, enjoyed a day out being social. I’ve not been very social of late, though neither has she so it was good we could push each other a bit. We picked up the pottery we had painted the previous weekend and visited a friend’s jewelry store that was in the neighbourhood. I could have spent every cent I had in that store. I often did back in my carefree not-a-parent days. I was responsible though and put one piece on layaway. A gorgeous turquoise ring. It will be my New Years gift to myself. Not so bad. One piece of jewelry, or technically half a piece if we are going by what I spent, then we were off to lunch.

Leaving the restaurant after lunch I had a few missed turns, took the scenic route round the block. We passed a burger joint, Five Guys Burgers & Fries. A casual question from my friend, “Have you ever had five guys?” She looks at me, expecting a simple answer as to whether I’ve been there and if I had enjoyed it I’m sure. I just started laughing. Nearly uncontrollably. Then she caught on to what she had said and did the same before saying she has, but not all at once.

Had my son not been with us I would have said “Sure, I’ve had five guys.” Meaning both the burger joint and sex with five guys, not both together but yes, five guys at the same time. I was thankful I didn’t have to answer that question and later wondered why I felt that way. I didn’t feel bad about having those experiences but was certain she would have other views that wouldn’t come out in a friendly or supportive way.

There’s nothing wrong with having sex with five guys, together, one after the other, or over the span of twenty years. In fact, I find having them together pretty damn enjoyable. What’s not to love about having more than one cock, more than one pair of hands, more mouths and tongues available to you? You can suck and be fucked at the same time. You can have deep passionate kisses while having your juices eagerly lapped up by another. You can ride a cock, suck another, and still have one in each hand. You can enjoy them in all the many ways you desire, if that is your inclination.

I like to maintain control in most aspects of my life. Not to be the boss or the one in control necessarily but to have my wits about me, to be in control of my own actions. Sex in and of itself is something I am able to enjoy and be much more relaxed and free with since I first began having multiple sex. Most often I am with a single partner but there are times it involves two or more. When the one becomes more I find myself letting that control go and just enjoy the experience as I am having it. I don’t think about anything other than the pleasure we are all having. There has always been someone, either my primary partner or a friend, who keeps watch and ensures everyone plays by the rules and things don’t get out of control in a bad way. Having that person with me allows me the freedom to just be free and enjoy.

Through having these multiple partner experiences I’ve grown, I’ve learned more about myself and have been able to push past some boundaries that I feared for a very long time. I had always kept such a tight leash on things because I feared the worst would always happen. That fear made me rigid and uptight. As much as I enjoy the actual sex part of having sex, I enjoy the fact that several of my fears have gone away much more.




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  1. I really like the last sentence 😊
    And, one of my fantasies is to have sex with more than one man. Five guys… mmmmm 💙

    Rebel xox

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