Misery Chain



If I should fall
from the top of the world
to the depths below
so far below what I believe could exist
Down further still will be
the one who hides the key
and dares to try to put this misery chain on me


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15 thoughts on “Misery Chain

  1. Perfect words to pair with your image. I’m sure the chain is far from misery. Stunning x

  2. What a feast for the eyes and ears

  3. Oooo…ouchie. That is brilliant.

  4. Unfff! I love everythiung about this image. 🙂

  5. I got so excited I made a typo. LOL!

  6. Ohhhh or should that be owwwww


  7. Wow . . . such a strong image!
    Tingles (all) over !!!
    Xxx – K

  8. So much potential for misery.

  9. Beautiful photo!

    (Though I’m not certain nipple clamps are bringers of misery. Or not ONLY misery.)

    Lovely image and music match, though!

  10. What a powerful image coupled with the choice just excellent.

  11. Bee

    Clover clamps are just pure evil and misery, great song choice to match the image!

  12. Really nice photo! I love my chain clamps too!
    Aurora x

  13. That looks so painful, yet so very sexy!

  14. Wow!

  15. I dunno – this picture suggests anything but misery to me! Well done.

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