Lonesome Leather


It used to be a symbol of something. It used to adorn my body for everyone to see, though few would realize it’s true significance. Leather bound to another.

Every morning I sit at look at it laying there, lonesome and neglected on the dressing table. Now it signifies something lost, something that used to be but no longer is.

Should I get rid of it, throw it away? Or should I take back ownership of it, love it simply as a piece of jewelry? I don’t know that I can, or should, do either. Maybe put away out of sight will be best.


7 thoughts on “Lonesome Leather

  1. Lovely image.
    Sad words.

    I would have to either destroy it, or put it waaayyyyy out of site.

  2. Sad words indeed… I think you should keep it, out if sight, until you are ready to throw it away, until you are ready to close that specific chapter of your life.

  3. Oh this made me a little sad. I really wouldn’t throw it away. I have one from a past relationships too. It is stuffed into a draw somewhere. I am glad I never got rid of it as it is a little reminder of one of the stepping stones in my journey to today


  4. I think that you should keep hold of the past, no matter how sad. If anything in the future it will tell you how far you have travelled.

  5. I’m a hoarder or things that hold happy memories. I think you should keep it. As Molly so beautifully put, a reminder of the path you have taken to get to where you are today.

  6. It’s a sad image, and words.

    But I also think you should keep it. It has been part of your life, and one day to take it’s place as an experience that led you to better times and things.

    Best wishes!

  7. Bee

    There is so much sadness in this. Personally I would throw it away but then I don’t like keepsakes from relationships that are no more.

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