DD – No Clue

Dear Diary,

I fall for men who have no time for me, ones who fit me in here and there as they wish. I even fell for one who lived in another country and wasn’t able to get him to agree to see me once in two fucking years. Not once! That’s a sign right? They say the right things, when I can get them to say something, but their words are so very rarely followed up with the right actions. Like how difficult is it to pick a time and go on a date? I’ve been a year trying to go on a date with someone who constantly says he wants to take me out on dates and spend more time with me. Somehow there is always something else and he can’t pick a day or completely let’s it slip on by when he does. And what do I do? I just continue to let it be okay. When I say something I become the one with the problem. Well, I am the one with the problem aren’t I? I just have no fucking clue sometimes.

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