Better Than The Last Twelve

I tried to keep track of my orgasms last year. I didn’t start keeping track because I thought I was lacking or because I wanted to reach any specific number. It actually started as a result of a previous partner often commenting about how difficult it was for me to have an orgasm. It was often difficult, if not impossible, with him but I didn’t think that was the case with all of my partners. It could be difficult to acheive that first damn bursting one at times but I thought I was pretty damn good at having them. Once that first one came it was nearly impossible to stop the steady stream or orgasms that followed. Or so I thought.

I was able to keep track of other sexual activities far better than my orgasms though. When in the throes of multiple orgasms and quickly heading off into subspace one loses track of many things. The number of orgasms you are having is at the top of that list, followed closely by your ability to form words.

I can tell you that I:

  • went on two first dates
  • had my first orgasm of 2016 in February
  • was intimate with 4 different partners
  • had PIV sex with two of those partners
  • another was stricktly online or over the phone
  • had 10 sexual encounters (naked bodies touching!)
  • sucked cock all of those 10 times
  • only had anal sex once
  • had a contrary cunt on two occasions
  • longest dry spell was 80 days
  • had zero overnights
  • masturbated once without permission
  • wore kegels to work 5 times, while running errands also 5 times
  • had approximately 40-45 orgasms

One of my goals for 2017 was to have more orgasms, and more sex in general. So far I’m well on track to surpass all of last year’s numbers, except (fingers crossed) the number of times I have a contrary fucking cunt.

I don’t have to be concerned about masturbating without permission right now as the one who owned me and my orgasms no longer does. I can’t be subject to rules of ownership if the owner refuses to communicate. The agreement ceases to exist in that case. I can’t say if things will stay this way or if another will one day own my orgasms, but for now I live based on the rules and guidelines I set for myself.

At 25 days into 2017 I:

  • had my first orgasm on day three of the year
  • have had two sexual partners
  • have had 6 sexual encounters
  • sucked cock all of those times
  • had PIV sex once
  • had anal sex once
  • spent 4 overnights with one partner
  • dominated topped the other partner
  • have had 23 orgasms

Here’s to the twelve months of 2017 being better, and far more orgasmic, than the last twelve.



5 thoughts on “Better Than The Last Twelve

  1. sounds like you are off to a good start indeed. I wish you luck in all, well except the contrary cunt. Rock it this year!

  2. It sounds like 2017 is going to be a much better year than 2016! Great start 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I found this fascinating, I adore lists! Can I ask was PIV means please

  4. I think your numbers for 2017 are looking delightfully healthy and fun filled to me


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