DD – Sunday Morning

Dear Diary,

It’s Sunday morning, just after 10:30, and I am laying here in someone else’s bed thinking about Him. How fucking pathetic is that? I’ve spent the weekend with a new friend, having had some truly fantastic sex, and right now all I want to do is share it with Him to make it even better. I’d tell Him about how the neighbour came banging on the door and yelling at us to keep it down Friday night. How that just made us laugh and want to be even louder. I’d tell Him how I brought my new friend to orgasm with my mouth several times, and how good he tasted. I’d tell Him how I was given so many orgasms I lost count. I’d tell Him how I fantasized he were sitting in the black leather chair watching us and telling me to bend over so he could see my new friend fuck my ass, which he did.

I wanted a new friend, and I did tell Him when things first started tho happen with this one. He was happy because he wanted that for me too. I never thought I would be doing it on my own though and that’s the part I find scary. This new guy isn’t a Dom. He’s not anything in that lifestyle. He does enjoy making me squirt and orgasm to the point of total exhaustion though. He also enjoys biting and giving me that pain/pleasure I so very much like. I’m going to try to out Him out of my mind and go have some more of those wet, messy orgasms. First, I have to wake the new guy up…

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  1. Graham

    Love reading your charged stories

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