I’ve posted several pictures taken by the light of my bedside lamp. In the Darkness and I Want to See Them  come to mind. The lamp is a Himalayan salt lamp and it casts a really lovely glow. You can catch a little glimpse of it in the first picture below. I could have used a touch more light to capture the glint of the steel clamps but I think they still show up very nicely, or not so nicely if you have an aversion to them.

I think they are beautiful.




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12 thoughts on “Clovers

  1. I am not averse to them, so long as I am putting them on someone else. 😉

  2. Lovely photographs you made of tools I like to use. Guess that must be a wonderful lamp casting a mesmerising glow in your bedroom when you play or enjoy yourself.

  3. I’ve used that lovely color in cooking, I’ll have to investigate as a way to light sex. I’ll go along with SD on the use of the clamps.

  4. Lovely lighting.
    Interesting looking clamps.

  5. Gorgeous images!

    Rebel xox

  6. eye

    Love/hate clovers

  7. They do look very beautiful in this shot but I am in the ‘hate them’ camp. I like the idea of them but the reality of them is just too much for me


  8. Gorgeous lightening in this photograph but the clamps = too much pain for this one here

  9. Jo

    I looooove clover clamps! Great shots – I love the color and how they shine in the darkness. I also really like the contrast of having them lie atop a doily!

  10. Love the glint, and the color! Nice!

  11. Bee

    Evil things they are, red for danger is definitely the right colour for them!

  12. I love the way the light looks in these photos. It’s gorgeous! The steel shines so wonderfully!

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