I want to see them

Thinking about breasts, yours in particular

I want to suck them, have my cock between them

Slap them, wrap rope around them

Put you in your knees and stroke my cock in front of you until I cum on them

I want to see them




I let him see them, but the rest would have to wait


8 thoughts on “I want to see them

  1. Wonderful full breasts, I’m a fan too!! xx

  2. Sometimes making one wait is more satisfying in the end!
    Wonderful photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Sounds like quite an erotic scenario! Loving the photo as well! So hot!

  4. beautiful breasts

  5. I want to do all that too.

  6. And what beautiful breasts they are


  7. How did i miss this post! Stunning.

  8. Joe

    I always said that when my time finally comes let it be by suffocation between a beautiful pair as your obviously are!

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