AtoZ 2016: Hurried

Happy, hard, hate, headed, hard hearted, hasty,
hateful, headstrong, heartbroken, heavenly,
helpful, helpless, hesitant, high, hilarious, homesick,
honest, honoured, hopeless, horrible, horrified,
hostile, humble, humiliated, humourless, HURRIED, hurt,
hysterical, hyper


I am definitely feeling hurried right now with regards to this challenge. I am not the best planner, or rather not the best at following through with plans. When I first thought of doing the AtoZ Challenge this year I had planned on having the theme of Erotic Episodes to launch my new monthly meme. Needless to say, the meme still isn’t up and running and I have been using a different theme for the challenge.

Writing has been difficult for me these past few months. I don’t know if it’s just one thing or a combination of things that has caused it. It really doesn’t matter what or why though, what matters is that I push past it somehow. That is my goal with the AtoZ Challenge, to get me writing something, anything. It isn’t what I’d truly like to be writing but it is what I need for now. My hope is that the challenge will spark my desire and creativity again and that the theme, feelings and emotions, will help me see what’s being going on inside my head.

In addition to feeling hurried with the challenge, because you know I’ve not pre-written anything, I feel much the same day with life in general. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to just relax and take my time with anything. The schedule at the new job is just as crazy as the last. The boy is becoming more active and so requiring more time allocated to activities. Even when we are home with nothing planned there is always something that can be or needs to be done.

My mother was here for ten days last month. Ten days that I could have done just about anything I wanted to do for myself. Ten days that I could have spent holed up writing my meme or the novel that is going to take me ten years to finish. Did I write or do anything for myself? No. Instead of a week of relaxing and letting my Mom be the responsible adult it ended up being a week of being sick and doing stuff. The trips to Ikea alone were more than enough to knock me out on the days we went. We put together a new bed for my son, drove to various locals to visit family and friends, and re-arranged the living room furniture several times. I was more active and hurried than I normally am, even though my son was off school. So much for down time.

Sex? That’s been pretty much non-existent. There was one get together around my birthday but it, of course, was hurried. A quick meeting for about an hour before we each had to go back to being responsible parents. My self given orgasms have been hurried as well. No long sessions with multiple orgasms, no clamps or toys or wet beds. Just quick rushes to orgasm then off to sleep or shower for work. I want to spend a day languishing with my lover, being alternately forced and denied orgasm between sweet torture. Oh, if only it were easy. But then I suspect we’d just want something else.

I may go back to a few of this month’s posts at some point and do a longer re-write as there is more I’d like to say on several topics, but for now my hurried little posts are okay. They mean I am writing and that is the entire point. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “AtoZ 2016: Hurried

  1. I like how you’re pushing through with this. I’ve done many a-z challenges and failed at all of them but one. It’s also going quite ok this year. It works just like you hope it will. You start with writing something, anything at all and then eventually find your voice. Dropping by from for the A-Z Challenge. Good luck!

  2. It’s good too see you writing again and if that is what the challenge makes you do, you have reached your goal. Feeling hurried is never nice, but still being able to reach a goal makes it worth the hurrying. If that makes sense…

    Rebel xox

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