Dear Diary?

I never mentioned “Dear Diary” before because there was no plan to do it, it just happened. While dealing with my feelings about saying goodbye I was reminded about a diary I used to keep when I was younger. My sister and some friends used to keep them as well. We would pour our hearts out in those pages and ramble on about the nonsensical happenings of the time. Whatever was going on, whatever drama we were dealing with, it all went into those diary pages. We could write down our secrets and desires without being judged. We could write a chronicle of our daily activities then look back years later and realize we were complete losers or the life of the party.

Sometimes we would write in code so that if anyone happened to read it the wouldn’t know what we were really writing about. One friend used to write about Bert and Ernie a lot. Bert was getting high and Ernie was sex. So when someone read about her meeting up with Bert and John then him driving her to Ernie’s place, they didn’t know they were actually reading that she got high with John then they fucked in the backseat of his Mom’s station wagon.

I need the comfort of my diary right now. I know it isn’t exactly the same as writing in a little locked diary I keep hidden in my closet but it still helps and unlike back then, I’m okay with you all reading it. I won’t write it in code, unless I let you know that I am, and I won’t write it every day. I may write it every day for a while though. I hope you don’t mind too terribly.


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  1. I don’t mind at all xox

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