DD – It’s Tuesday

Dear Diary,

I started this entry with a big blurb about my current place of employment then decided to scrap it. If I want to bitch about something I will, of course. I will write some sad, and possibly pathetic, things but they will be about me, my feelings and my life, not about a terrible company that has done the great job of allowing me to keep a roof over our heads for the past few years. Just because it isn’t the right fit for me doesn’t mean I should bash it.

I had that job interview I mentioned yesterday. I was nervous and thought I blew it but they apparently loved me. I have abother interview with one of the VP’s tomorrow. 🙂

There were some issues at my son’s school. The loveable person who had that interview today is not the same person the school’s principal is going to meet tomorrow morning. That is one thing I can say for sure. How does a child get sent home without the winter boots he arrived wearing? Seriously?! They sent him off to his after school program in his sock feet. Fucksakes!!

I had to skip the afternoon of fun and frolic with my friend. The interview ran long and then I had to deal with the school. We will figure something out for another day.

It took every ounce of willpower not to pick up the phone and call him today. Actually, I picked it up several times and started to send a message. I stopped myself though. For now. Funny thing about love, you can’t just turn it off.

Must go put the garbage out now.

3 thoughts on “DD – It’s Tuesday

  1. Stella, you are tugging at my heart with these intimate glimpses into your heart and i love the format! xxx

  2. I’m with Leonora on this. Thanks for giving us a glimpse. Hope you got it sorted at your son’s school. Incredible that they sent him off on his socks!

    Rebel xox

  3. I like this diary format you are using.

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