There are obstacles. There always are of one type or another. Distance. Family. Circumstance. There is always some reason to say no, to decide that the person you long for is not the person who will be yours. Sometimes it is our own fears and insecurities. Again, things we all have. They may be different fears and insecurities, as we are different people with different life experiences and circumstances, but we all have them.

Are we the person the other needs? Wrong question. Are we a person the other wants and can they accept us as we are? Better. This isn’t a one sided thing either. You wonder. I wonder. The couple who just said their vows wonders. Some who have been together 20 years still wonder.

What if it doesn’t work? What if it doesn’t? But what if it does? Nobody can know for sure that everything is going to work out and that they’ll be happy together for the rest of their lives. There is no magic 8 ball that can tell us that. We can’t be any more certain of the person who lives next door than we can of the person on the other side of the planet. The same way we can’t know that things will be any better with the person we’ve known for ten years versus the one we met ten minutes ago. Regardless of how much we try to analyze and qualify, try to be objective and logical, in the end we have to go with our heart and we have to work at it.

I’ve been hurt before. It broke my heart but it didn’t stop me from loving again. I had built a life with someone that didn’t last. I rebuilt it somewhere else. I’ve moved. I’ve lived in a town full of family and I’ve lived in a town with none. I’ve been betrayed by someone I knew for 15 years, 10 before we got together. That didn’t stop me from trusting other people.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us. We have to take a swing and risk striking out, or we have to be happy to let them fly by without ever trying for that home run.


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