Simple Rules

The past few weeks have been a time of reflection for me. During this time I attended Playground, which I will write about soon, and have been re-evaluating some of my relationships. Every relationship, whether intimate or not, helps us learn and define what is acceptable to us and what is not. They also help us to be able to communicate these things better in the relationships that come next. I have a forgiving nature. I give second, sometimes third, chances to people others would write off. I allow mistakes, because we are human and we make them. But if you want to stay in my life and not make me sorry I’ve given you those chances or forgiven those mistakes, here are my simple rules…

If you don’t want me don’t say you do.

If I am not a priority for you, you can’t be one for me.

If you can’t see me don’t stop me from seeing someone else.

If you make a promise keep it.

If you can’t keep it, tell me.

If you are hurt or upset, talk to me about it.

I cannot read your mind and I don’t expect you to read mine.

Don’t assume. Ask.

If you stand me up, you will not get another chance to.

Unless you plan on being a long term part of our lives, you will not meet my child.

If you say something, mean it.

If you love me, tell me.

If you don’t love me, don’t tell me you do.

Be honest.

Don’t lie.


What are some of your simple rules?



Apologies for not following the prompt this week. It is an interesting one, so I may post something for it at another time. If you want to see with wicked things others have to say, or what dinner at their boss’s place might be like, follow the Wicked Wednesday link below.



One thought on “Simple Rules

  1. There are definitely some similarities between your simple rules and mine. Honesty is one thing I find incredibly important.

    Rebel xox

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