Simple Pleasures


During my summer vacation I spent most evenings sitting on this dock listening to the water lap against the shore, watching the clouds do their dance, breathing in the freshest mountain air, and watching the bright blue sky change through varying colors and shades to a dark night sky lit up by stars. Water, mountains, and beautiful skies. Those are my most simple of pleasures.




12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. oh Stella, these are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. bigmissnaughty

    stunning views – looks amazing
    BMN x

  3. Sometimes the most simplest experiences are those who remain in our memories or give us so much joy. Great images.

  4. I love this. Those places were everything is calm and beautiful and where we feel most at peace are so precious


  5. Beautiful photos. The sea is just the most wonderful place to be…I love the feeling of being on the edge! Xx

  6. Absolutely stunning photos.

  7. That place looks beautiful. I am a total sucker for an outdoor shot but most especially glorious ones like these … Jane xxx

  8. These are gorgeous shots. Being around water can be so calming and grounding. I see why you love this place.

  9. So gorgeous, something to definitely appreciate

  10. I looooove water pictures.

  11. sub-Bee

    These are truly stunning, being beside water is where I find my peace.

  12. Lovely images! Sunset over the water is just gorgeous.

    ~Kazi xxx

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