Cuba Boyfriend

I managed to make it up in time to catch breakfast today, even with a 4am wake up from security and somebody’s drunken boyfriend. I made it out the door at about quarter after nine. Yay! Yesterday was a loss with not making it up until nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. I wasn’t going to let that happen today. There was too much sun and surf and tropical tranquility to be enjoyed.

Now I sit here in the shade enjoying the light breeze. Birds are singing in the trees and tunes are wafting across from the pool. It may only be 10am but I dare not step foot out into the sun this morning as I am sporting a pretty shade of red from yesterday afternoons foray to the beach and into ocean. Silly me, I hadn’t planned on spending time in the sun and left my sunblock in my room. Then, after being down under the shade of the cabana for a while I took a romp in the waves and dried off under the hot gaze of the sun. I won’t be making that mistake again today.

It’s amazing how much the sun gets you in such a short time, even when it is past three in the afternoon. And sadly, you don’t see the effects until hours later. I felt nothing. Not a single twinge of overdoing the sun exposure. It wasn’t until hours later as I changed from my dinner dress into more comfortable rags for a few drinks at the bar that I noticed how red parts of me were. I really noticed it as I tried to get to sleep with my legs rubbing the not so soft sheets.

An interruption…

One of the gardeners just told me I was beautiful. How sweet. Now he’s blowing me kisses. He’s coming over…

He brings me a freshly cut hibiscus flower then asks, “Where you from?”

“Canada. Aren’t we all from Canada?” I laugh, referring to the vacationers at the resort.

“We love the Canadians. Always so friendly and beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I blush.

“Where is your boyfriend?”

“Not here.”

“I be your Cuba boyfriend.” Then he blows me another kiss and smiles. Wow, that smile, and that beautiful face. He looks like a young Michael Landon. He must get constant attention from the ladies.

I put the flower in my hair and watch him walk back to his work of trimming the hedges, entranced by the ease of his movements. There is a swagger in his walk, one that comes from confidence, and if there is one thing I find sexy on a man it’s confidence.

Oh my, an hour has just flown by…


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