The Faceless Man

I’ve had dreams of anonymous sex back to my junior high school days. Even then, before I’d ever had sex, there was something about an unknown suitor, a faceless man, that intrigued and excited me. The memory of that very first dream still stays with me today.

There were a few contributing factors regarding the details of that dream. For one, the dream was set at my school. A well known place for me as I was there five days a week (most weeks). Even in the unknown there is always something real and tangible we bring with us. Also, that day had been spring clean up and while cleaning the school grounds I found used condoms in a secluded area at the back of the school, the space between where the original building ended and the addition began. This, specifically, is where we were in the dream. Me being pinned against the brick wall as a stranger fondled and fucked me. I say stranger but it could as easily have been the boy who lived next door as it could a complete stranger. The man (yes, even at 14 years old I dreamt of a man rather than a boy) had a brown paper bag over his head. I thought nothing of it in the dream but upon waking and remembering I found it so very odd. A paper bag on his head? Really? What I realized years later is that I wasn’t yet able to visualize what anonymous sex would be like. The paper bag was easy, and known.

The days the paper bag are gone but the idea of the anonymous stranger still exists and those dreams continue. I dream about being used by someone and not knowing who they are. Sometimes I see him but don’t know who he is. Other times I am blindfolded and unable to see who is playing with me. There could be one man, there could be many. I don’t just dream about it, I fantasize about it. I posted an exchange about one such fantasy previously.

For me, this is part of the appeal of going to swingers clubs and play parties. You can have anonymous sex and it’s ok. You can have the thrill of anonymity while still being in a safe and protected space. It isn’t exactly as simple as that, go to a party and fuck a bunch of strangers, but anything is possible if you have the right primary partner by your side, and or the right people around you.

I was discussing this with a friend recently. I had had a dream the previous evening about a stranger fucking me to orgasm with one of my toys and was telling him about it. The recurring faceless man fantasy came up as well. He liked the idea of the orgasm dream and the faceless man. For him the thought of watching me, of having my body used to give others pleasure and knowing that I don’t know the men it is giving pleasure to, is as much a turn on for him as it is for me.

I asked him to tell me a fantasy of his.

Being the faceless man.





2 thoughts on “The Faceless Man

  1. This has now got me wondering about men with regards to this fantasy. So far all the posts I have read have been from the female point of view and not the male and now I am really curious. I wonder are there men who fantasies about being the unknown man, or men who fantasies about the unknown women…. hmmm, I shall have to ask some questions I think


  2. I love that side of swingers clubs too, just the ability to play with someone one and then melt back into the crowd afterwards.

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