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I’ve got nothing for today. Several posts started or nearing completion but none fit for today’s letter in the AtoZ Challenge. So what do I have? Nothing.

I am laying in bed dozing in and out from the allergy meds. I’d be fast asleep if it weren’t for the pesky breathing thing. You see, in addition to allergies I also have asthma and allergy triggered asthma. Also, I’ve been experiencing dry mouth recently. A side affect of medication I am on. Fun times! I’ve become a mouth breather (Yuck!), my chest is tight, my head feels like it is going to explode, my eyes are watery, and my nose even more watery (Double yuck!!). I really am a goddamn catch!

I’ve had allergies nearly all my life. I remember going for allergy tests when I was in grade 4 or 5. My Mom worked so my Aunt used to take me. Every needle prick would swell and react. Not so fun times. My Aunt would always take me to Woolco after seeing the doctor for fries and a soda. I couldn’t have milkshakes or ice-cream or chocolate, or anything really yummy because I was allergic to it all. She told me a couple years back that after she would drop me off at home she would cry all the way home because I was allergic to everything. 

I really was allergic to everything. All dairy products, apples, citrus fruit, shell fish, salt water fish. I come from an island engulfed by salt water. My Grandma’s backyard ends at the ocean. It’s no wonder I was always sick when we visited. I was allergic to feathers, tobacco, coffee, grasses and trees, mould and dust mites. I was allergic to some perfumes. I even had to have special cleaners to clean my room and clothes. It was a sad state of affairs. 

Of all the allergies only once have I ever had an anaphylactic reaction and rushed to the hospital. You know something is terribly wrong when you walk into a hospital, they take one look at you and bring you straight in. I was given a shot within minutes of walking through the emergency room doors. I was also weirded out by how many doctors and nurses kept checking in on me through the night. It’s an odd thing to be fully aware while going through a true emergency, and how efficient you realize the staff is when faced with such an emergency versus the usual non life threatening cases they see.

That one thing that sent me to the hospital? A Durango cooler. 

My son recently had a reaction to something, I still don’t know what, and it’s freaking me out. It took him more than three days to get over it and he was not happy about the constant itching or Benadryl doses. I don’t want him to be one of those “bubble kids” like I was. I don’t want him to have to worry about trying new foods or having to be diligent about reading content labels, or ensuring he has an Epi-Pen on him at all times. I now have an idea what my parents went through with me. It’s constant worry and right now I know nothing about what caused it. 

So, that was my nothing post that actually turned out to be about something. I’m going to go back to my napping now.

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2 thoughts on “N is for…

  1. Allergies suck! I too have allergy triggered asthma and have to take anti-histamine every evening or I won’t get through the night without allergies. I also am sneezing every morning. Sometimes it passes quickly, sometimes it stays for hours. It’s terrible being allergic to so many things, and I seem to be developing more allergies too…

    Like I said: allergies suck!

    Rebel xox

  2. I am so thankful that I do not have any severe allergies. When I would younger I was allergic to strawberries but I grew out of that thank goodness as I love strawberries!

    Velvet x

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