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For someone who doesn’t wear much, I certainly have a ton of makeup.

My favorite products are from The Organic Make-up Company. Sadly, they are no longer in business. I am lucky to still have some unopened product as I purchased extra when I found out they were closing up shop. A search today found that the person behind that company now has a company that manufactures and sells earth-friendly, petroleum-free and cruelty-free artists paints. Similar concept just different canvases.

I have a small makeup kit that is usually in my bag or my car all the time. You never know when a last minute date or meeting will come up, or I may just need to fix my makeup during the day, One must always be prepared.

I am rarely, if ever, completely without makeup on hand. If I don’t have a bag and want to have something on hand “just in case” I’ll take a black liner and lip gloss, along with a clip and elastic for my hair. That is enough should I need to appear more put together in a hurry.


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  1. I’m just the opposite. I NEVER have make up with me. My mother used to wear tons of makeup to even her skin tone. She had vitaligo. I think constantly waiting for her to get ready put me off. You were more likely to find me outside helping dad change the oil than inside learning makeup tips from mom. And that’s a TON of make up!! When I do wear it for pictures or a special occasion, I wear Bear Minerals. It’s the only thing I can wear for an extended time and not want to wipe it off.

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