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My real name

What? That doesn’t start with K, you say? True. The title doesn’t but my real name does. For those of you who have been around longer than the StellaKiink blog you may remember when I started with CouthPisces and was just me, Kelly. 

I used to use my real name back then, on my first blog, but changed to Stella when I started writing more erotica and sexual content. I didn’t do it to hide who I was, but more so for my family’s sake. They don’t want to see the pictures I post here or read about my sexual kinks. I know this because a few relatives did follow that blog and they told me to stop. I couldn’t stop, I didn’t want to stop, so Stella Kiink was born. You can read about how I decided on the name here if you’d like. 

Meeting new people is quite the adventure these days since taking on the Stella pseudonym. I use it on numerous social media sites, including FetLife and Facebook, and often meet new people at munches and other events. I am Stella Kiink, but I am Kelly too. I often have to stop and think about what my name is when I introduce myself to someone new. It’s not that I don’t know who I am, I’m just not sure who they think I am. I have to stop and think about the context in which I am meeting someone.

At munches I am Stella. That is who people know me as on FetLife and that is who they ask for. It makes things easy. Nobody needs to learn multiple names for the same person before even venturing out and meeting them. I’ve had a few issues with that though. 

Some people have a hard time calling me Kelly after initially knowing me as Stella. This largely depends on how long we’ve been conversing and such before I tell them my real name. There are some I never give my real name to though, and it is extremely rare that I give more than my first name. Less than a dozen for certain, likely closer to half.

Then, because I meet so many people through FetLife (at munches and various other events) and am always introducing myself as Stella, I sometimes start to say Stella rather than Kelly at other times. I dread the day I meet one of the other parents at my son’s school and introduce myself as Stella. Luckily I usually say I am Ms So-and-so, my son’s mom. I have caught myself at work though. That’d be interesting. At least there are people there who know about this site and stuff. They’d have a good laugh I’m sure.

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  1. It made me smile to read that people find it hard to call you Kelly once they have gotten to know you as Stella. I recently changed my name from Marie to my real name in my writing group and there are some people who really find it difficult to make the switch. Thankfully I haven’t had a slip of the tongue to give my pseudonym at work or in a place I shouldn’t.

    Rebel xox

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