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Bruises are terrible things. They hurt. They change colours from blue to purple to a yucky yellowish green. They suck.

Or do they?

The answer is a bit confounded. Yes, bruises can be painful nasty buggers. But no, they aren’t always terrible things. They can be very, very wonderful things. Every time I move, every time I catch sight of them or poke at them, I am reminded of how I got them. Sometimes they are caused by a mouth biting me. Sometimes they are from a flogging, or spanking or other impact play. The one common thing about the “good bruises”, well two actually, is that they were each left on purpose and they were meant to be reminders. Could be a reminder of a punishment I wish not to receive again. Maybe a reminder that I am his, a branding of sorts. Or they could simply be reminders of an enjoyable time.

One thing you want to do is care for your bruises. They can be harmful if they are too deep and there is a lot of clotting. I do the following and find that the duration and pain of the bruises is greatly diminished. Each of the bruises below was gone in less than a week.

  • The first thing I do is to take the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana. Take a dose as soon as possible after impact then another dose every four hours the first day. Then take it three times the second day and twice on the third day. This is all you need to take.
  • I’ve read that alternating ice and heat therapy works but I have not tried it as my body does not handle it well. Try it, it may work for you.
  • I also apply an aromatherapy blend to the bruises several times a day for a few days. You don’t want to do this at the same time you take the Arnica as the aromatherapy essential oils will negate the homeopathic remedy. Leave an hour between taking the Arnica and applying the essential oils, and don’t store them together.
  • My blend is comprised of lavender, geranium, and a little frankincense or chamomile. I mix these with calendula oil and aloe vera gel to form a cream that I rub onto my bruises several times a day. I may smell a little old lady-ish but I can live with that.
  • If your bruise sticks around for more than a ten days, see your doctor. If it is accompanied by a lot of swelling and pain, see your doctor. If you passed out, see your doctor!












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6 thoughts on “B is for…

  1. Very useful information I would have never thought to “treat” bruises.

  2. Good advice! I actually never put anything on my bruises or take anything for them, but I do keep an eye on them to make sure they heal from day to day.

  3. I never thought to treat bruises either. I watch them to make sure they’re healing well. May have to try that aloe lotion mixture on the next one. (Mine are from being extremely clumsy. I’m so talented, I can trip on a flat surface!)

    Melanie (#952)

  4. I use aromatherapy a lot, and find that it works incredibly well for bruising. As for smelling like an old lady, meh, I love lavender, and use it in many of my blends.


    • ste!!a

      The geranium is what makes it smell old ladyish to me. Lavender, real lavender, is a wonderful smell. One of my favourite places is a local lavender farm. It is amazing on so many levels.

  5. Joelle Casteel

    Great tips. I’m always bruised- but because I bruise easily, not from play. So a bruise that is from play is something to celebrate 😀 However, when it comes to how long they last, the “fun ones” don’t tend to last as long as random ones that I get from silly things like walking into the wall lol

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