Ready for Wear




13 thoughts on “Ready for Wear

  1. The black and white photo is fabulous!

    Rebel xox

  2. Love both of these! Getting VERY naughty ideas. 🙂

  3. Brilliant… I love the Black and White


  4. Very nice. A fun time is about to be had by all.

  5. Great photos. The red really stands out in the color one.

  6. I love this – it looks like the cover of your first album!

  7. Oh the lighting and hue is just breathtaking – lovely – and naughty x x

  8. Both of these are really great.

  9. I love the almost eerie feel in the black and white image.

  10. Both of these are fantastic but the black and white is stunning.

  11. The colour in that first one is to die for. Such a beautiful red. Jane xxx

  12. Both images are stunning! I adore that lamp!

  13. Lovely photos, the colour one really pops!

    ~Kazi xxx

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