May I Play With Myself?

Mister S and I were texting the other night as he is currently out of town on business. We weren’t discussing anything serious, just talking about my reminder marks and how we missed each other. Then he asked me if he could play with himself.

“May I play with myself Ms?”

“What’s the rule?” was my response, to which he requested I FaceTime with him. The rule is that he can play if he sends me a picture. Watching in real time was absolutely acceptable, and in some ways preferable. I love to watch and he loves to be watched so it’s a win-win.

I called so we could FaceTime. He quickly walked me through a hallway and into what I am assuming is his room during his stay. Then my view flipped from his handsome face to his cock. I watched as he lay on the bed pulling and tugging and showing his cock off to me. He asked if he could cum and I said no, not yet. We hadn’t done anything like this previously and I wanted to enjoy it.

My “not yet” was ignored, or unable to be followed, and before I knew it he was cumming. I made some comments about how I hated to see his delicious cum go to waste and wished I could clean it all up for him. My view soon changed from his cum covered cock back to his handsome face, for maybe a whole two seconds or so before he thought he heard footsteps approaching and said a quick goodnight.

The entire call was about two minutes from beginning to end and I was left hanging. Which was fine really because I hadn’t brought up my desire to play as well, so he was completely unaware. I can’t fault a guy for not knowing something that I didn’t tell him. I don’t expect him to be a mind reader.

The thing is though, I was pretty much irrelevant to the whole thing. At least that’s how I felt. If he had said he was going to jack off and asked if I wanted to watch I would not have any issue. Him being excited just by me watching would have been fine. I will gladly watch him stroke his cock any day of the week.

My issue is that he asked me if he could play. Then he asked me if he could cum, and yet he came anyway when I told him no. He set my expectation by asking and thereby assuming the submissive role, which put me in the dominant role. And if he wants to be the submissive partner then he needs to listen and abide by what I say. How would he react if he told me to do something while we were playing and I didn’t obey? How would you react to your partner?

I can see your question already. Yes, we switch. Although our main roles are him the Dominant and I the submissive, we do enjoy switching and will do so with each other.

Obviously this was my experience. Mister S may have a completely different view on it, one I will share if he so chooses.



4 thoughts on “May I Play With Myself?

  1. If I would do something I have explicitly been told not to do, I will definitely be punished. How? I never know until He tells me what my punishment will be. I can totally understand your feelings – it must have been kind of disappointing that your expectations were not met. And having the call abruptly ended without being able to discuss it, makes it awkward too. It will be interesting to know how he experienced it…

    Rebel xox

  2. Watching is always hot, though I understand your reaction to his disobedience after he had asked permission. I wonder what you would want to come next.

  3. I know from experience that long distance can really put a strain on communication and it is very easy to get it wrong. Hopefully when you are back together you will talk it through and feel better about it


  4. Distance can be a bitch. I know all to well. being that Lord Raven and I lived far from each other until I made the move to GA. It can be very difficult to maintain good communication and we ourselves had to deal with the occasional miscommunications. Keep an open mind and hear his view when you both can finally talk face to face.

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