My Plan for 2015

Here were are halfway through January and I’ve not written a single thing. Not really. The few posts I do have weren’t my writing so they don’t count. So what’s up? Nothing, and everything all at once.

There is no real reason for me not to be writing. I’ve been busy but not too busy that I couldn’t find time. My focus this year was to be on the book and doing more regular posts here. How could that have fallen off track so quickly?

It hasn’t completely fallen off track, it’s just been taking a breather and gearing up for the year. I’ve put together ideas and made plans for things I would like to accomplish this year. Some are projects I started a while ago and let slide while doing other things. Others are things I’ve wanted to do but hadn’t put much effort towards previously.

This year I will endeavour to complete the following projects and post them here on the blog:
1. Alphabet Sex
2. 30 Days of Kink
3. 30 Days of Submission
4. 101 Things in 1001 Days (I’ve been quite lax on this)

A few other things I will be starting this year:
1. Silly Sad Sex Stories
2. Product Showcase
3. Noshes & Nibbles

The common thread here, which may not be obvious to many, is that all of these things are about me and my kinks. It’s time to shift the focus back to where it started, with me. 😉


One thought on “My Plan for 2015

  1. Oh wait, do tell. What is alphabet sex?

    And great that you’re getting back to your 101 list. I’ve just posted my 8th update today and was quite surprised to see how much I have already done.
    Also, I look forward to your Silly Sad Sex Stories (SSSS – it almost sounds like a meme)

    Rebel xox

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