Bad Ass

 I mentioned on Twitter in the afternoon that I was having a dilemma about what to post for this week’s Sinful Sunday completion when something just fell in my lap. I am still laughing about the levels of bad ass in this one.

My friends were in the market for a new toy. They like PinkCherry so the husband went online to place an order with a prepaid credit card he had. You can tell from the screenshot below, bad ass is a good way to describe the toy and the result they planned on getting with it.


But even more bad ass was the fact that they were using a “Vanilla” credit card.


Then somebody made a comment about liking a cherry on top of their ice-cream cone! I am getting tears in my eyes now laughing at all the irony in these pictures. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!



16 thoughts on “Bad Ass

  1. This made me giggle too 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. How do I get a Vanilla credit card?!

  3. Lol! I love the irony. Spanky items purchased with a vanilla credit card. (I hav this image; the people at the bank checking your purchase history and having to sit down and fan their cheeks haha). I hope the chosen toys were put to use in the most satisfying of ways. 😀

  4. A Vanilla Credit Card….. does it come with the light out and only in a Sunday night 😉


  5. Wow!! This is awesome.

    Hopefully whichever toy they chose turns out to be a bad ass since the vanilla are watching.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  6. It’s official. I need a kinky credit card. I doubt TH will get me one. <3

  7. *giggle* love how this all worked out!

    • It was sooo funny! They didn’t even notice until I started laughing my ass off and pointed it out.

  8. Haha clever idea! I want a kinky card! lol

  9. Too funny! I’m with Penny, where can I get a card that says kinky!

  10. Haha! I love it!

  11. *Giggles* I love how the V is a ice cream cone. Hysterical.

  12. LMAO… too funny!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  13. Brilliant . . . very clever. Makes me giggle . . . scrolling back and forth!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. This really made me giggle!

  15. I am dying over here, I want a Vanilla credit card too.

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