Lavender Fields Forever

Have you ever experienced the wonderful scent of fresh lavender? Likely not. We can get dried lavender, and lavender scented items such as candles and air fresheners, but it isn’t a prominent garden flower. Lavender is also one of those scents many people are adverse to. Not because it is a bad smell, but because they are used to the abundance of artificially scented items that can run the gambit of smelling pretty to causing severe headaches.


I love lavender. REAL lavender. During the days when I studied aromatherapy and herbology I grew quite fond of it. Such a difference when you can work with the real deal versus some synthetic scent created and patented in a laboratory. Lavender essential oil is one of the best for helping heal minor cuts and scrapes. It can be used to make a natural deodorant, and having the fresh scent around you can be very relaxing. I like to use culinary lavender in shortbread and dark chocolate muffins.

Last month I went to a local lavender farm. It was heaven. Artist Wife came with me and at first she was afraid of getting a headache. Natural response when used to the synthetic scents. She did not get a headache. In fact I do believe it had a more healing effect. That’s the power of nature.


The proprietors of this farm do more than just farm lavender. They raise honey bees, house horses, and make wonderful products from their lavender. They use this beautiful (very phallic looking) copper alembic distiller to produce their own lavender essential oil. I purchased a delicious pot of honey but there was essential oil in stock during my visit. Another trip must be made.


The most difficult part of visiting the farm was keeping myself from getting naked and rolling around in the lavender. Even Artist Wife mentioned how difficult it was to follow the rules and not touch the growing flowers. Next visit I’m doing a Scavenger Hunt and flashing some of my girly bits. You can count on it!


7 thoughts on “Lavender Fields Forever

  1. For some reason lavender reminds me of my grandmother. Yes one cannot compare the real stuff with the artificial. The scent depends on where you are. I love how the air is pregnant with the odor in the South of France but lavender, and herbs, have even a more intense scent in Morocco.

    • I like the scent in the air after a rain. It’s so different, strong yet still subtle.

  2. I adore lavender. It was always part of our kitchen herb garden when growing up, and I’ll frequently walk past a big bush that’s part of someone’s garden when I’m out and about 🙂

    xx Dee

    • It took every ounce of restraint I could muster not to just roll around in it at the farm!!

  3. I can hardly wait for you to go back and flash your bits between the lavender.

    There are quite some gardens around here that has lavender in it and it gives such a nice smell to the air 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. beautiful beautiful fresh lavender! My father used to grow lavendar hedges around the garden when I was a child!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. I have not smelled Lavender flowers in so long, I love lavender as well in lotions. That field is so pretty!

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