I Didn’t Tidy Up

So, it’s Saturday. The day my Jehovah Witness friend often comes to visit. Usually I do a tidy up but I slept in lounged too long in bed this morning and didn’t have time. After some Twitter banter and a couple orgasms I noticed the time and quickly got myself showered and dressed for her visit.

Upon arriving, she asked if she could use the washroom. No problem. I’d just had a shower and knew it was tidy. Oops, forgot to put away the bag from my Aren’t We Naughty visit last week. It had been in my bedroom and I had brought it out to put in the recycling bin.

Maybe she hadn’t noticed the bag, or the Fetish Fantasy box that was sticking out of it. Never mind the dildo package. That could have easily been mistaken for any generic product packaging. The Fetish Fantasy box and Aren’t We Naughty bag couldn’t. I moved the bag back into my bedroom while she was in the washroom.

When she came out she looked a little flustered and said she had forgotten something and had to leave right away. She practically ran out the door. I thought it was because of the bag but when I went in to use the facilities myself I noticed this little guy drying in the sink.

Ok, so it’s not really that little. It is fun though. 🙂

Do you think she’ll ever be back? I doubt it.


44 thoughts on “I Didn’t Tidy Up

  1. *cracks up laughing* Oh dear! (Also: oh my – what a delicious looking toy!)

    xx Dee

    • It is delicious! Still need to figure out the best placement for it though. It is definitely a riding cock.

  2. HA HA HA!!!! LOVE IT! ummm no I think she is gone for good. if not she might ask to borrow some toys

  3. Scarlett

    HAHAHA!! That is awesome! Poor thing! LOL

    and OMG what toy is that and where do I get one! I have the perfect boy to use it on!! 😀

  4. silverdomuk

    No! How err, wonderful? Funny?

    • Come on now, I know you had a good laugh about it. 😉

      • silverdomuk

        I did. I just wondered whether you minded losing a friend?

        • I think she will come around eventually. It may take some time though. She will likely try to “preach” to me at first, until she realizes that would mean the end of our friendship. I understand not everyone holds my belief system. I’m ok with that and I can have sensible discussions with people without trying to make them convert to my way of thinking. The world would be a much better place to be if we were all like that.

  5. LOL – whoops, embarassing with a friend, but perhaps a wonderful way of getting rid of unwanted visitors too

    • Would certainly make it easier on me if I didn’t have to censor myself so much around her.

  6. ROTFLOL! Too funny. It would be hilarious if one day she came back for some shopping advice at the naughty store. Lol.

    • It would be great if she felt comfortable enough to. I’m sure she never would though.

  7. Hilarious! If she never returns she was never a friend. I needed the laugh- well done!

    • I don’t think she has it in her to ignore it, and I know she would never be able to talk about it.

  8. Oh the poor soul *grins

    Rebel xox

  9. Poor thing! You might have traumatized her. BWAHAHAHA!

    • I think it’s a certainty!

  10. OMG I can’t stop giggling!! I’m amazed she didn’t faint away 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

    • She’s a very pale blonde who was nearly as red as a fire engine when she left. I bet she couldn’t even tell her husband about it.

  11. ROFLMAO that is hilarious I will have to remember this for the next time one is at my door and I need to get rid of them quickly

    • Just make a dildo wreath, or answer the door in your leather cuffs and gag. 😉

  12. Well, I she’s a ‘witness’, right? So…

  13. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *takes a deep breath* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously that is hilarious. What a huge toy!

    • That’s the best reaction! You had me laughing so hard. At least we can have a sense of humour about these things. 🙂

  14. LOL – this is just brilliant!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  15. OK I am laughing sooooooooo hard right now, that is absolutely brilliant…. and there was you thinking the packaging was the issue.


  16. Munchie

    That is too funny lol

  17. Whenever we have company we always make sure that Jill’s vibrators have been removed from the sink; they’re often there for between-use cleanings. I’ll be honest, if I saw that thing in someone’s sink I’d probably ask to see it in action. But then, I’m rarely appropriate.

    • And that’s what I like about you. 😉

  18. Jen

    LOL! Wow, I wish I’d been out about my kink back when I had a JW “friend”! She needed to be gotten rid of, and that would’ve worked great!

  19. Holy cow!!!! Priceless!

  20. It could of been worse. . . you could of left a Bad Dragon or a Zeta Paws toy in the sink. Then maybe she would of really had something to gasp at LOL

  21. pottersproperty

    Oh my goodness! Yes, the package was the least of your concerns! That’s too funny!

  22. Poor thing, but I can’t understand the embarrassment to the point of leaving, rather than discussing, especially if you two are friends.
    Even the most chaste and prude of friends shouldn’t rush away.

    • I often wonder how we’ve remained friends as long as we have. I think she believed that one day I would realize the error of my ways and become a Witness like her. It’s always been a very “proper” friendship and she has no idea, at least not that we have ever mentioned, about how non-vanilla I am.

  23. I’m laughing so much at this, I’ve very nearly done something similar myself!!

  24. I have a couple of deeply religious, prudish friends. They know I am polar opposites but our friendship works.

    I even sent one a Clone-a-willy kit for Christmas when his girlfriend was going away: a momento. He says it’s never been used. ;-(

    I also sent him “disgusting porn” (Belle de Jour).

    How we are still friends I’m not always sure, but when I asked him to be a godfather/mentor to my daughter, he didn’t even hesitate to say yes. So maybe he thinks he will convert me. He’s had fourteen years of failure though.

  25. Ahaha! That’s is awesome. Poor girl must have been super embarrassed.

  26. This really did make me giggle. Because I have small people in the house, I have to be careful with what I leave out but ‘before kids’ I was pretty relaxed. I remember a friend coming over and spotting a vibrator I’d left drying proudly on its end on top of the bathroom cabinet after he left. He didn’t say anything to me, but I’m sure he had a quiet laugh :-). Jane xxx

  27. This is wonderful! I have a few ultra-conservative who would be positively shocked at what I get up to.

  28. I’m sorry, but that’s funny! Being so sexually open myself, I can never understand the prudish attitude of others towards what is a very natural and immensely enjoyable thing, but thenI’m sure there are plenty who don;t understand my lifestyle choices also, so each to their own.

    Flip x

  29. Omg, wow sorry to hear that she bailed on you, I can’t contain myself from laughing but it was funny yet sad at the same time. I hope she will be able to talk to you about it and return back to normal visits.

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