TMIT: Pick One




Pick one. You must pick one. You can elaborate on your answer if you want, but you must pick one.


1. Are you male or female or other?
Female. Nearly 100%. LOL…

2. Dog or cat?
Cat. Definitely cat. They are independent and have such attitude at times. If they are pissed at you they let you know it, and if they want some loving they let you know that as well. I used to have a cat, Sammy, and if I was too late getting home from work she would great me at the door, give me a look then turn her back and go ignore me for a while. Then when she’d had enough and wanted some loving she would come out and rub up against my leg at purr looking to be petted and cuddled. That is what I am like.

3. Peanut butter or wasabi peas?
Peanut butter. It is just plain delicious!

4. Group midnight nude swim or mooning strangers?
I’ve done both. I’ve done more mooning of strangers but enjoy the nude midnight swimming more. Give me a calm lake on a warm summer night with a clear sky and a bright moon.

5. Sneaker Pimps or IAMX?
Neither is my cup of tea but I’d have to choose IAMX just because they are reminiscent of some of the bands I listened to in the 80’s. I get hints of Ric Ocasek from The Cars, Pete Burns from Dead or Alive (pre plastic surgery addict of course), Pet Shop Boys, and The Human League. It isn’t so much the music as the esthetic. Plus, I really didn’t like the Sneaker Pimps singer’s voice.

6. Bologna or Braunschweiger?
Bologna. I’m a Newfie and it’s pretty much a staple in the Newfie diet. I don’t eat it so much now but when I was younger we’d have it at least once a week. My Dad used to make a bologna stew occasionally. Yeah, it was about as appetizing as you’d think.

7. Vanilla or kinky?
Kinky all the way!

8. Rocky road or chocolate ice cream?
I’m not really fond of either but if I had to choose it would be the chocolate. Ice cream is the one thing that I love vanilla.

9. Red M&M or green M&M?
Green. I hate the taste of the red dye.

10. Pepsi or Coke?
Again, I don’t drink either of these. If I must choose it will have to be Pepsi. Another Newfie thing. My grandfather was the first Pepsi distributer on the island so I’d have to honor that. Gingerale would be my usual choice.

11. Mini Cooper or Fiat Abarth?
Fiat Abarth. I’ve always liked the Fiat.
fiat vs mini cooper

12. Pleasure or pain? Why? Explain yourself please.
Pleasure caused by pain. Was that an option? Most people know I enjoy pain, but it isn’t the pain for pains sake that I enjoy. It’s that bit of pain that leads to pleasure.

Bonus: Pick one – Participate in the London World Bike Naked Ride or Japan’s Festival of the Steel Phallus, affectionately known as Penis Fest but properly called Kanamara Matsuri?
I’d participate in the London World Bike Naked Ride. Not only because it is held to raise awareness for road safety and caring for our planet, but because I enjoy being naked out in the fresh air. I looked at the “Penis Fest” pic and can’t really see myself parading down the street with a huge fake penis on my head.


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