Morning Light

“Light comes to us unexpectedly and obliquely.
Perhaps it amuses the gods to try us.
They want to see whether we are asleep.”

~H.M. Tomlinson





Sinful Sunday

A very big thank you to Molly for selecting one of my pictures for this week’s Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up. Click HERE to see all the entries that were selected.



11 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. What a clever image. The line of dotted sunlight down your body works as a track to guide our eye across the beautiful landscape of your body


  2. I volunteer to join the dots. Or something. 😉

  3. Oh this is wonderful, I love how the dots of light seem to highlight your body!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. Perfect trail of dots! where is that pesky rabbit?

  5. Very clever . . . and very arousing!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Such a plump touchable breasts with a beckoning nipple

  7. I love the second image. The light leaves the impression where to go:) Just follow the dots and you’ll find your happines;) xxx

  8. I love the little dots the light creates on your skin, so lovely.

  9. The dots of sunlight are a wonderful touch, though your lovely breast and thigh are where my eyes went first. 🙂

  10. What a beautiful breast in the morning light.

  11. Perfect dots on perfect breast! Lovely.

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