Something’s Got To Give

I have been crazy busy lately. Two major projects at work, some personal projects, and a nearly four year old at home will do that. Generally I love being busy but it is just too much right now. Something’s got to give.

So, work… We are doing an upgrade of our current finance system which, to be honest, is nearly complete crap at the moment. Actually, the system isn’t completely horrible but the version we have is no longer supported and the work-around we have to use it on Windows7 is. We recently upgraded from WindowsXP to Windows7 because XP is not longer being supported. Well, the version of the finance platform we use is no longer supported either and it doesn’t work with Windows7. Fantastic!! Now there’s a big rush on the upgrade all of a sudden because we aren’t able to fully do our jobs since the Windows7 upgrade. Don’t you think they would have done some testing before they did their upgrade? Nope. I need to do all kinds of testing for the smallest things but no, we don’t need to test when doing a major company-wide system upgrade. It’ll all be fine. Ha!

The second work project is to write a new policy & procedures manual and train the field payables teams. This will be a temporary fix no doubt since the system will be changing but I need to get them all following the same procedures and understanding why they need to though, and that can’t wait. Shortly before I started and the company amalgamated the payables teams into one department for all its subsidiaries, they used to run by a “common sense” policy. Since common sense is not so common we have had a lot of issues. It’s one thing to run that way when you are a small family run business but they aren’t that small family business anymore. They have close to 4,000 employees across Canada running a 24/7 operation.

At home things are just about the same stress wise. I am trying to complete the first draft of my novel. It’s a long haul when I don’t have a lot of time to sit and devote to it, and even when I do try to carve out a time the nearly four year old has a way of interrupting. If I could get him to go to sleep at a decent time it wouldn’t be so bad, but lately it’s been 11:00 or later before he settles down and goes to sleep. It’s frigging killing me!

What else is going on? Trying to have a personal life. That’s fluctuates. With MySir so far away we don’t much see each other so are left with the phone and computer to keep us together. It gets lonely. Then I go out with friends and take in the occasional play party or sex partner to get me off and resume some semblance of balance. Getting out to these things takes a lot of planning though so I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. Now, if I could find a sitter who was able to stay well past midnight on a Friday or Saturday night, or even after 9:00 on a week night…

Oh, and I almost forgot about the cottage. Spring cleaning, inside and out, and getting it in shape to sell. Yeah, I’ve got loads of time for that. Not!

So with all these things something has got to give and unfortunately, for now, it will be this blog. I am unable to put forth the material I would like to and if I can’t be proud of the work I do here there is no point in doing it. That doesn’t mean I am giving up on the blog though, to the contrary. I am taking a break from it for a month or so so that I can knock some of those pesky things that are getting in the way off my to do list and focus on the blog the way I want to, the way I should.

I do have several Sinful Sunday posts all ready to go so they will be up each week, and if the posts fit the Wicked Wednesday prompts I will link there as well, but there won’t be any new written content for a while. Rather than just go MIA I thought it best to keep you in the loop and let you all know that I wouldn’t be around for a bit. I hope you understand and will still be here when I return. You all mean so much to me with your encouragement and kind words. I appreciate every friendship this blog has led me to.

No pouty faces, I’ll be back again before long.

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3 thoughts on “Something’s Got To Give

  1. I will be here when you return. Take care of yourself, luv!

    Rebel xox

  2. I will be here subscribed via email so won’t miss a post once you are back up and running again with less pressure (hopefully).

    I had to do the same thing last year, sometimes life just gets in the way.

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Hang in there- you are doing and managing things well- this is a phase- Trust me your son is the most important thing for you- he will be gone soon and as long as you keep a great relationship with him you will never be alone.

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