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Please welcome back the lovely and talented Katie with her second guest post.

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03:00 am was a strange hour to be making a trip into the police station. Dianne could only think of one good reason why Officer Knaps was summoning her. Someone had obviously found her purse and personal belongings. She just moved to the small country town a few weeks ago and had already run into trouble. She slipped into a simple black dress, no need for stockings at this hour, and headed out. Not a soul was on the roads at this forsaken hour. She did not like being summoned at this hour but liked the small town community. With a population of just 460 everyone knew and watched out for each other. Family was of the utmost importance and everyone was considered family. They rolled up the sidewalks precisely at 6 pm and the town was shut down for the night, everything except for the police station it seemed.

Pulling into the station Dianne glanced at the one lone cruiser in the parking lot. She was always fascinated with the law. Her heart skipped a beat as the handsome officer greeted her at the door. Officer Knaps introduced himself while taking hold of her arm and guiding her in. He locked the door behind them. Dianne’s thoughts went wild seeing this handsome man in full uniform, in control. He was well built and at least six foot tall. Lean, mean and total sex machine, came the uncontrollable thoughts in her head.

“Are you ok Miss,” he questioned.

She hadn’t realized she was day dreaming until she was suddenly snapped back to reality. “I’m sorry officer, what were you saying?”

“I read your report on the lost items and I would like you to come and identify something. I am sure you would be interested in what has shown up,” he remarked.

He guided her down the hallway and proceeded to unlock the room at the back of the station. Dianne thought this was kind of odd but followed regardless, he was an officer afterall. The light was turned on and only a chair and a padded bench occupied the room. She turned around upon hearing the click of the door locking. Officer Knaps raised his eyebrows and grinned. As he offered her the chair she felt her legs tremble and her palms begin to sweat. She hadn’t done a thing wrong but couldn’t help feeling guilty for some reason. After eyeing her from head to toe officer Knaps approached and circled the chair. In one swoop he clasped her wrist and brought it behind the chair. She felt the cold metal cuff holding her captive. With the another quick move he had her other wrist cuffed and secured behind her.

“What the hell is the meaning of this” she demanded.

“You have such a dirty mouth, girl. I’ll have to do something about that before we continue.” He reached into his pocket and ripped off a strip of tape. The sound of the ripping made Dianne clench her thighs together. She could feel the very core of her growing wetter by the second. Slapping the tape across her mouth the officer stood back and admired his new captive. “Indeed a vision of true beauty. Now, some items were turned in that I have found most interesting. I will need you to identify them.”

Stepping outside the room Officer Knaps left her alone with her thoughts for a few moments. She tried wiggling the cuffs but came up short. She soon realized she wouldn’t be going anywhere until the officer was ready to let her. He returned with a few items, one of which was concealed in a brown manila envelope. Drumming his fingers over the envelope, he questioned her, “where shall I begin ?”

Dianne could only sit there quietly and plead to him with her eyes. “Patience, you will need to learn patience. Do you understand me, girl?” Dianne nodded that she understood. He approached her and nuzzled his mouth against her throat. “Good Girl,” he whispered. Her breath caught upon hearing those glorious words. It had been too long since they were spoken to her.

Stepping back, officer Knaps withdrew a leather journal from the manila envelope and approached Dianne again. He ran the book under her nose and questioned her, “recognize this?”

Oh sweet Jesus! He had her private journal. She started to squirm in her chair.

“Can’t you sit still for one bloody minute?” he asked, shaking his head. “I will have to do something about that!”

He left the room again, returning with a bright silver spreader bar. Dianne’s eyes widened immediately. She started to kick out at Officer Knaps but failed miserably against his strength. It felt to her like he had secured both ankles faster than the speed of sound. Dam this ‘hottie’ meant business.

“You will repay me dearly for those actions, girl.” His hands were on her then, caressing her calves as they moved their way up to her spread legs. He inhaled deeply and grinned. Her arousal could not be missed. Sliding a finger under her thong he chuckled. “Just what I thought. You are a dirty little slut aren’t you, girl?”

As he held her journal he continued to interrogate he. “Recognize this,” he asked for a second time. Dianne felt obliged to nod yes. “It is a great read and you, girl, are a naughty little one.” Dianne felt a hot blush rise to her cheeks. As he randomly flipped through her journal Dianne noticed that one of the pages was marked with at yellow sticky note. Shit! What did he find, she wondered. She felt completely bare now knowing he had read every fantasy she had so boldly put down in writing.

“You want this back” he questioned her. Dianne didn’t hesitate in nodding yes repeatedly. “Well then my dear, you will need to earn this book back now won’t you? You naughty little slut!” He proceeded to unzip his pants and release the storming hard on he had been concealing. He tore the tape off her mouth and she cried out as the sudden pain ripped through her. “Now, show me how badly you want your book back girl.”

Dianne licked her lips. This was truly one of her wildest fantasies coming to life. He positioned himself directly in front of her, his hard cock pressing against her moistened lips. She slowly licked the pre cum off his cock while keeping direct eye contact with him. Dianne giggled to herself as she thought, now who’s the captive? She began to work her magic lips and tongue up and down his shaft. Oh God, if only she could grab his balls and run her nails over them as pay back, she thought. Slowing her pace, she smiled up at him before taking his entire cock as far back into her mouth as she could. Tears sprang to her eyes but she was relentless! She meant business and she was going to prove it to this cocky son of a bitch officer. Dianne pushed her limits and tried taking him down her throat. She felt his balls tighten before swallowing every last drop of him as he moaned with pleasure.

“I bet you can suck water from a rock,” was his response.

“We aren’t finished here yet,” Officer Knaps said as he zipped himself back up. “There is one more item that needs to be identified. Recognize this,” he asked once again as he withdrew her black leather purse from the bag. “Contents untouched other than your wallet with your ID, Madam,” he chuckled.

Dianne whispered, “Yes officer. That is my purse and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it back, Sir”.

“Good Girl.” He helped her stand and walked her over to the padded bench and instructed her to lie on her stomach. Once positioned, he tore off her thong and slipped his hand between her wide spread legs. She was oozing by this time. He withdrew his night stick and made her kiss it. “While I redden your ass with my tool of pleasure, I want you to rethink my name and its meaning!”

Dianne was caught off guard as the first whack made contact with her butt. “I don’t understand, Sir” she cried out in pain.

“Think about it slut, think hard, think fast.” Another and another crack of the night stick hit the target with each blow. “Understand the meaning of my name yet slut?”

Crying out she pleaded, “no Sir. Please officer”

He knew she had almost enough so he obliged her by spelling his name backwards = SPANK!!!!!!!

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  1. A great read from an always welcome guest.

    • Thank you, I will tell her you enjoyed it.

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