I’m a Nervous Nelly

A lot of things make me nervous. Usually I find that I get excited by something and jump in screaming yes, yes, YES, then the wait between the initial yes and the actual time of it happening I grow more and more nervous by the second. This has happened with promotions at work and with sexual encounters, amongst other things. One experience made me more nervous than most…

I had had threesomes before, two to be exact, and each involved different partners and dynamics. The first was a bi boyfriend and his male friend. The second was a female friend and a Spanish bartender I had met on a singles cruise. I was nervous about the first simply because it was a first, for both the threesome experience and seeing two men together. The second I was too intoxicated to be nervous, but too naïve to enjoy the two women dynamic.

This one was different. I was the instigator and it was with two men I had sexual relationships with whom had not previously met, Mister and A. I was planning it as a reward to A for doing well at school. Knowing them both, I thought they would get along splendidly. Sometimes though, these things have a tendency to backfire and they could have ended up not getting along at all. I was really quite nervous and anxious about it and not entirely sure anything would come of it at all, especially on a first meeting. Mister did say earlier in the day that I would be getting my threesome but you know things often have a way of not going as planned.

I was pleasantly surprised. They chatted and became comfortable with each other. There were Star Wars jokes and George Carlin talk. All was good. A still stayed a little off to himself though. I thought it was because he was nervous about the whole thing, it being his first multiple experience, but he was more concerned about overstepping with Mister. I didn’t realize it at the time, but A was assuming Mister was the dominant one and that he would have to follow his lead, ask permission and such things. It wasn’t that type of dynamic between us. Mister was Mister, not Sir or Master or any other such moniker, because I didn’t find him to be particularly dominant, and the whole Mister thing was mainly just for referring to him here on this blog rather than outing him by name (even though I’m sure several people know who he is by now). I also think A was pouting a little as I told him the first one to arrive would get a blow job and he was not the first to arrive.

After the initial butterflies and nervousness, and more than a drink or two, things progressed and we made our way to the bedroom and nakedness. There was no awkwardness once we hit the bedroom. I felt completely comfortable with the two of them and if they felt otherwise they did a good job of hiding it. We played with each other, each of them taking various turns with me and some light play with each other. I knew Mister would be ok with A sucking his cock but was surprised when he reached over and started giving A a hand job. I’m sure my eyes became ten times bigger than normal.

We didn’t all have roaring orgasms together, though it would have been nice if we did, but we all had a good time. Once Mister took his leave A fell back into attentive trainee mode and we had some fun just the two of us. He was to experience several more firsts that night and was thankful for each of them.

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3 thoughts on “I’m a Nervous Nelly

  1. Mia

    Those firsts can be nervous and awkward all at the same time. I’m glad that it went well!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Sounds like this was a wonderful experience for all involved!

    And just like you, I am yes, yes, yes and then so nervous between the yes and the actual thing happening!

    Rebel xox

  3. First can be wonderful things. Sounds like you had an amazing time


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