Bad Orgasms. Is There Such A Thing?

Orgasms are good things. We can all agree on that, right? No? They aren’t good things? You must mean they are great things. They really are mighty fabulous. What? You think they are bad things? How is that remotely possible?

There are times when an orgasm isn’t a good one, at least not for some people.

Sometimes my orgasm taunts me… Here I am Stella. Right here, come and get me. Let’s play hide and seek! Oh, not quite right there, over here. Ooh, that’s good. Oops, you moved the minutest of fractions and now I’ve moved to the other side of the world… It happens. Don’t tell me this has never happened to you. You are right there, on the brink, and it disappears. Damn you orgasm. DAMN YOU!

Bad orgasm for not cumming (pun totally intended).

The guy you are with just doesn’t know what he is doing. He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to pleasing a woman. He’s pleased plenty, or so he keeps telling you. You are inclined to believe his previous partners have done the Harry met Sally thing and faked the screaming orgasm part. He can’t even find your clitoris for crissakes! Do you do the same thing as those other women or do you admit it just isn’t working for you? I’m inclined to admit it isn’t working. I’ve been called a bitch, told I had issues that I couldn’t orgasm, had someone try even harder in their not so pleasing way. It doesn’t matter how hard you go at it if there’s no finesse, no skill, no clue as to what one is doing.

Bad orgasm for not even showing up to play the little hide and seek game.

You are home alone, he is away somewhere or just not able to be with you right now. You’ve been reading some sexy blogs, seeing some quite lovely pictures. You are hot and horny, dripping before you even touch yourself. You are so worked up beforehand that it takes the slightest of movements to give you your orgasm. You’ve totally worked yourself up and it’s over in what seems like mere seconds. You are done, so now what?

Bad orgasm for cumming too soon (yes, I know I’m punny).

You’ve been playing for a while and he decides to deny you your orgasm. He keeps bringing you to the brink then pulling you back, letting the feeling subside a bit, then bringing you to the brink again. You feel like you are going to explode. You can’t handle much more of his teasing you before you have a complete breakdown. He starts again. Every inch of you is excited and sensitive. Just as he is about to let you release he stops and denies you again, one too many times. You’ve had it. Your sensitive bit retreats and refuses to come back out. Now you are resenting him for teasing you to that point and continuing to deny your orgasm rather than enjoying the immense pleasure that can come once the denial phase ends.

Bad orgasm for being denied release.

Let’s stay with orgasm denial for a moment. Sometimes he tries to deny you but you orgasm anyway. You succumb to it. You ignore him telling you that you aren’t allowed, or you hear him but you can’t stop the orgasm train from cumming (seriously, how many times can I write this in one post!). Now he is displeased because you did not obey him. You will have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Bad orgasm because it comes with consequences, punishment possibly,  for not obeying him.

He bought you a new Hitachi wand for your birthday. You’d heard stories about how fab they feel and had been eying one for a while. To break it in, and to celebrate your birthday, forced orgasm is on the agenda. You are restrained and the wand is secured against your clit. It is slow at first then gradually builds bringing your first orgasm with it. In the middle of your bits thanking you for the orgasm another one is already building. Again, a crashing orgasm. You want to squirm and buck but you can’t, he has you securely restrained with minimal allowance for movement. You try to fight the next one as it comes crashing down on you, then another and another, they continue rolling over you… You lose count as you ride this massive wave. You scream and whimper and cry. You beg for it to stop. You will surely die if you are forced to continue.

Bad orgasms because they are all by machine, without his touch. Yet, he is involved and watching, so majorly fantastic orgasms as well.

What would you consider a bad orgasm? One you don’t have sure, but what about one you do have, or have had?

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4 thoughts on “Bad Orgasms. Is There Such A Thing?

  1. The only bad orgasm is the one you had with the wrong person, for the wrong reason. The one that makes her feel degraded, or lost, or used. The rest are pretty good

  2. You had me nodding and smiling all through this piece. Yes, indeed, I have had almost all of those orgasms, except for the denial ones which disappear. This simply comes because Master T never denies me orgasms for too long. And the forced orgasms by machine… love those, but am soooo tired afterward, but always want more and more. It just seems like I cannot get enough.

    Love this piece!

    Rebel xox

  3. Hmmm not sure I have thought an orgasm was bad apart from the ‘missing’ ones. I totally identify with that. Those orgasms that dance around teasing you but then all of a sudden drift off and leave you feeling fairly pissed off about it.


  4. Oh how I recognised many of these but to me in some way they are all good and the bad one I had was whilst I was being raped and my body reacted and I could not stop it – it took quite a number of years before I could psychology allow an orgasm to happen again – now I’m like a bloody orgasm train – once they start cumming they don’t want to stop :-) !!!!!!

    ~ Mia~ xx

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