I’ve felt your love
through tender caresses
and painful reminders

I’ve felt your hands on my ass
at my throat
all over me

I’ve knelt before you
bowed down to you
done everything you’ve asked
and more

I’ve whimpered, mewled
pushed to my limits
begging for a my orgasm

I’ve cried and pleaded
in whispers and screams
for you to stop
but also, to never stop

I’ve done these things willingly
freely, of my own accord
and will continue

But I want more
I need more

Please kiss me already

the_kiss_by_digifox (600x295)

Wicked Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. silverdomuk

    Oh! Unexpected twist. Did you get your kiss?

  2. I always seem to harbour a desire for more… kisses and everything else


  3. Beautiful and I hope you got your kiss ­čÖé

    Rebel xox

  4. I hope you got your kiss; lovely photograph!

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