Working 9 to 5?

I’ve been crazy busy at work lately and have had no time for writing or editing, or even playing. After being at the office for sometimes more than twelve hours and coming home to my 3 1/2 year old saying “I miss you Momma. I miss you,” and throwing his arms around me for a big bear hug, what else can I do but snuggle and play with him while he’s still awake?

Normal days I get about three hours with him in the evenings. This week it’s been one hour at the most. and only that much because my Mother is still here (until tomorrow) and she’s been picking him up from the sitters each day. Last week he fell asleep on the way home from the sitters twice and stayed asleep through the night. I think he’s growing.

Apparently there is a lot of work to be done in our department before year end. Work that there is no time to do during regular hours. My answer to this is to hire another body, or get a temp in to help out for the next month or so. Can’t do it, it’s not in the budget. Really? Paying five people 6-12 hours of overtime a week surely works out to more than paying for another body.

Let’s say that we each work 6 hours overtime per week. A conservative number right now, but an overall average the past few months. That works out to 30 hours at time and a half, which is really 45 hours straight time. That is a full week’s work for another person. Get a temp and there are no benefits to pay. Their pay rate, even through an agency, would still be less than paying overtime.

The one bonus to all this overtime is that I get paid for it. A nice time to get some extra money. I’d rather have the time with my son though.

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