Fellatio vs ?

Do you perform fellatio, give blow jobs, or do you get face-fucked? Maybe you do something else.

Some people think that having a mans cock in your mouth is giving a blow job and that a blow job is a blow job is a blow job. fellatioSo very wrong they are. There are as many different ways to pleasure a cock with your mouth as there are, well, cocks. It is true that the cock goes in and out of the mouth regardless what you call it, but the way it goes in and out, the way you appreciate it, the way you worship it, the way he responds… these are all different.

I am a big, BIG, fan of fellatio and cock-sucking, cock worshipping, but I am absolutely no fan of face-fucking. When I am with a man I naturally fall into the submissive role. A stubborn and questioning submissive with a range of likes and dislikes, wills and will nots, but submissive none the less. When sucking a glorious cock I am the one in control, I am the dominant one in that scenario. I control the movement and depth to which I take it in. I give him pleasure. It’s all me and it’s a complete turn on. My mouth salivates and my cunt gets wet just thinking about it. I could almost cum from worshipping my mans cock.

Being face-fucked however, I don’t have control over anything. He is the one forcing his cock in my mouth, or my mouth down on his cock, and down my throat until I gag. I am just a tool to be used for his personal pleasure. There are plenty of women who enjoy being used in that manner, I am just not one of them. There are reasons for this, as there is with most things. I have a fear of not being able to breath. It comes from a lifetime of asthma and allergies and breathing issues. It comes from too many emergency room visits after consuming something that caused my throat to swell and constrict. I can’t handle not being in control of things going in my mouth and obstructing my ability to breath. Gags are a solid no, fingers can be iffy, face-fucking is very difficult. It instantly puts me on the defensive and into panic mode.

This topic of cock sucking versus face-fucking came up with a friend recently. I just so happened to be sucking his cock at the time. It wasn’t long before he grabbed my head, pushed it down and tried to force his cock down my throat. I tried to go with it but couldn’t. This wasn’t the first time so I asked him what the deal was, why he always tried to do that rather than letting me continue worshipping him as I was. You’d think I already knew the answer but I had never asked before. I had just assumed it was a case of the man wanting to be in control and doing this was his way of showing me that he was.

He said that he likes the way it feels when his cock hits the back of my throat, even enters my throat, and that I wasn’t doing that. He also said that my mouth felt fucking fantastic and he loved what I was doing. I told him that if he had let me be and didn’t try to force it I would have gotten to the point of taking him in that far naturally. Even if he had just asked I would have done it. He wasn’t really trying to control me as much as he was trying to get that feeling that he craved.

I’m sure this isn’t true for everyone. There are men who do it just to force their dominance down your throat, so to speak. They like to watch you struggle and suffer and tear up and gag. They get pleasure from seeing fear in your eyes. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, it works perfectly well for many people, it just isn’t something that will work for me. You can show your dominance in other ways, or you can let me give you pleasure in a way that I can only do when you let me.

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  1. I am the same, although I do love the thought of face fucking. SH is very thick, and I cannot take him very far into my mouth. Still, he seems to appreciate what I can do. 🙂

  2. Very nice I really enjoyed. It is true every woman does not know how to give good head. A man can tell if his partner is really into what she is doing.
    Just putting a cock in your mouth and sucking well you know what I mean.

    The same goes with eating pussy though every man does not know how to eat pussy.

    I must say though I do enjoy face fucking from time to time. I think it is a control issue. I love the feeling of one gagging.

    I do also understand your heath issues , and they should be respected .


    • I could go on and on about the follies of sucking cock. Over the years it has gone from being something I wouldn’t do to being something I crave.

      Thanks for reposting. 🙂


      • Your most welcome. I do not reblog often but I saw this and had the need.
        Maybe more women will pick up on the art.

  3. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    I love good Head

  4. I love receiving fellatio too, but as you pointed out, its a submissive act and my wife doesnt do submission!

    Great post 🙂

    • I could not even imagine

    • It is really only a submissive act for her if you are the one driving. If she is the one controlling things then you become the submissive. That’s my take on it.

  5. Interesting piece indeed. I really like who you have talked about the different aspects of giving a blow job. I like to give pleasure and to be allowed to explore and take my time but I also like to be ‘forced’. Really depends on our mood as to what will take place


  6. You’re right about every blow job being different. As for face fucking from time to time it is something I do engage in and enjoy but the two are very different at least in my world. The later tends to be something added to an already intense scene and is certainly an act of dominance.

    Apologies if this show up twice I lost my connection while posting the first time.

  7. I loved this piece. I agree there are so many ways to give a blowjob and we often seem to get stuck in doing it just the one way. Sometimes I like to be made to give a bj and others I like to be the one giving. It depends on the mood as Molly said.

  8. This post got me thinking about what I like. I love giving a blow job and apparently I am good at it. Do I like to be forced? I have not really been forced yet, but I think I will totally freak out if it happens. I hate gagging and I hate it if my air is restricted. I think being forced might cause panic on my side… but I will only know if this is true if ever I experience being forced.

    Great post!

    Rebel xox

  9. Lori&Hubby

    Very interesting piece. I love it both ways depending on which role i’m in.

  10. Thank you for yet another amazing post included in The Fellatio Project!

    I live how you have described the different ways that fellatio can be executed and your experience if it.

    ~Mia~ xx

  11. Great post! Love your style of writing. Thank you for sharing this, because I hadn’t heard of this “meme” until now. I am thinking of stuff already.

  12. Fyre-N-Ice

    Right you are about Doms who want to just facefuck and gag you because that’s their modus operandi; they’re going to do it no matter what because they feel entitled.

    But sex is a primal thing. (What a revelation!) And the same thing many women love when their man “loses it” during vaginal sex and is so driven to cum that he thrusts his cock into them as deeply as he can — well, that feeling happens to him during really good fellatio, too.

    So cut him a little slack is he loses it and gags you. If he’s worth being with, he’ll understand, apologize and be more careful next time.

    And remember that while you’re doing everything you can to “blow his brains out” he’s feeling that primal urge. So when you sense he’s going primal, maybe it’s time time to come up for air and let him put it “in there” so he can bury it to the hilt. LOL!

    Problem solved?

  13. Great post. I’m always interested in seeing how other submissives think about cocksucking/facefucking/etc. One of the things I love about kinky people in general is their willingness to accept everyone else’s “styles” of kink. I love both styles in this. Facefucking can be a very submissive act for me (receiving that force, being “used” that way) and *very* hot. But pure cockworship is also a very submissive act for me too. So I’m into both, depending on the mood and a million other variables with us.

  14. Stella, you have a wonderful way with words and no doubt, a wonderful way with your mouth, lips and tongue! That was a really interesting read, and as a man, I’m probably in a small minority in that I don’t like to face fuck. I’d prefer for a woman to show her control and skill.

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