Larry’s Prom Date

The second part of the Larry series. Click HERE to read the first.


Prom was coming up soon. Those silly girls in his class were getting all crazy with dresses and shoes and trying to snag the best guy to have their picture taken with. They all wanted the captain of the football team. Nobody wanted the loser loner who sits in the back row and never speaks. Larry figured he’d just spend the night at home alone, killing people on video games. At least that’s what he thought until Sharon came up to him after calculus and asked him if he’d take her to prom.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess. Yeah, ok,” man he was smooth.

“Cool. Thanks Larry. It’ll be great,” and off she went to her yearbook committee meeting.

Yeah sure, Larry mumbled to himself. All he could do was stand there, mouth open watching after her, and wondering what the hell had just happened. He had noticed Sharon before. She was also a quiet one, but had joined in on several after school activities. She was on the yearbook committee, the prom committee, the debate team, even the chess club. That’s more than he did during his entire time in high school. He had been part of the AV team, briefly. They had asked him to leave after he used the equipment to film the neighbors dogs having sex. He didn’t see the problem.

A few days later Sharon caught up with him in the hallway and asked if he was still going to take her to prom. Of course, he said. She smiled and said great, she had some fun ideas she knew he’d be up for. He was beginning to think this was going to be more of a Carrie affair than a Pretty in Pink one. He didn’t know what Sharon had in mind and he didn’t quite care. He was up for finding out. Maybe he’d get a blowjob out of it.

The day finally arrived. Prom. Yippie friggen yip, was all Larry thought about it. Another day, an excuse for his peers to get all dressed up and show off. It was so not his thing, but he had told Sharon he would take her and he would never go back on his word. He borrowed his dad’s K-car and went to pick her up, corny corsage and all. He considered ditching it, the corsage not the car, but he knew his mother would want to see pictures. He could give her that much.

Larry was greeted at the door by Sharon’s father, Mr. Lavety. He wasn’t what Larry had expected. He was tall and handsome, and he could just tell he had been one of the popular jocks back in high school. Larry had expected a chubbier, nerdier version of Dr Jeffcoate. Maybe Sharon took after her mother. Before he could say as such he was interrupted by Sharon coming down the stairs. She was wearing a green flowing dress with a deep wine coloured ribbon at her waist and shoes to match. It complimented her red hair and pale skin nicely. He hadn’t noticed her legs before. She didn’t look half bad. Not bad at all.

Walking to the car Larry noticed that the ribbon on Sharon’s dress wasn’t actually ribbon at all. It was leather, a beautifully soft leather strapping. He was intrigued. As he held the door for her to get into the car she leaned in and whispered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock jumped unexpectedly. This prom thing was really looking up.

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10 thoughts on “Larry’s Prom Date

  1. Subtle (until the end), suspenseful and very erotic.

  2. What a beautiful short story with an intriguing ending and, I agree with Silverdrop, very erotic indeed.

  3. Nicely done…the twist end is a wonderful leather strap meant to be tugged by Gestalt.


  4. Great story and the ending makes me want more. I want to know just how interesting Larry’s prom date is going to turn out to be!

    Rebel xox

  5. Mia

    I’m with Marie, I do hope we hear what happens at the prom!!

    Great write!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. I guess this is part one? What happens: leather belt, no underwear.

    Could go so many ways 🙂

  7. Great write up! Very erotic.

  8. Great story I loved the ending of it.

  9. rutrow, me thinks Larry is going to be in for a long and interesting night. I like where this is going.

  10. More Larry…. yes please


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