Party Girl



what will she expect

how will I measure up

one hand

lightly over blouse

more, she says

a rub

more firmly

further, she says

unbutton blouse

remove lacey bra

lips on flesh

nipples erect

stiffness in pants

hand on ass

over jeans

further, she says

now between legs


further, she says

zipper glides down

jeans fall

revealing more lace

wetness in pants

still sucking nipples

feeling lace

her wetness swelling

keep going, she says

below the lace

a slick smoothness

folds of pink



take me, she says

one glides in

so warm



she moans

can’t bear it

explosion in pants

I am done

she giggles

I blush

she kisses me

goes back to the party

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  1. This is really good. Very Very good.

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