FFF – Anticipation

Flash Fiction Prompt – June 21 Peek/Peak

This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction Friday. Since I am quickly writing this on my phone I hope I manage to follow all the rules. It is a continuation of my last Wicked Wednesday post, Perfect Spring Day.

So, here we go….

Keywords: Peek/Peak (must use both)

Word Length: 200
(exactly 200 or spankings will be issued)

Forbidden words: Chipotle, Asparagus, & Chilly

Bonus Words: if you write two versions, you can make them 250 words each.


I turned to peek around the tree and saw him walking on, seemingly oblivious to his actions of a few moments ago. He called for me to get a move on, he was hungry. I shook my head, trying to get back from that head space he had just brought me to, pulled up my pants, smoothed my shirt, and continued.

As we came into the clearing by the river, the peak of Volu Mount appeared to the south. It reminded me of my own peaks when aroused, and with the fuck Victor had just given me mine were aching for attention. I wanted more, but would I get it? Today? Tonight? When would he use me like that again?

Not knowing kept me in a state of constant arousal through the rest of our hike. Even on the ride back he acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had occured. Damn, I was a wreck! Every time he came near me I would jump. Not from fear, but from a heightened sense of anticipation. Every inch of me was aroused.

Then, at the dinner table, he peered up from behind his fork full of roast beast and I knew.


If you want to join in, or just read some more posts you can find the rules here, and the prompts here.

4 thoughts on “FFF – Anticipation

  1. “and then i knew…..” What a great finish and a wonderful entry for anyone, much less a 1st timer! I love first timers and hope you come back again and again! It is great to have you on the list!

  2. Oh yes, very nice! I liked this one a lot 🙂

  3. “Roast Beast” … LOL!

    • Can you tell I love the Grinch? Lol…

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