From Never To Every Time

I did not always enjoy it, fellatio, cock sucking. In fact, it was something I loathed and would very rarely do at all. One partner, seven years together, a handful of times, no swallowing, ever. I’m not sure how I found my way from there to here, where I am today. I don’t know when it was I changed, when I went from thinking of it as a chore I did not like and would not do to being something I could not live without. Somewhere something happened that changed for me. Somewhere along the way it became my fetish. Sucking cock is my favorite sexual activity, I will choose it every time.

There is this one guy, we’ll call him Norm, who I had started a long-term affair with when I was in my late teens. I remember having such a crush on him then. We would play many a game of strip poker over the years. Of course I always won. I think it was just an excuse for him, and especially his brother-in-law, to get naked in front of us girls. When we were teenagers, Norm would come over when my Dad was away and we’d fuck in my little twin bed. We teased each other, flirted a lot, and we fucked. There wasn’t usually anything more than that. I never sucked his cock back then. I wouldn’t even have considered it.

Then a few years ago, the last time we were together, things went differently. I sucked his cock. It seemed the natural thing to do and I rather enjoyed it. I didn’t really think about it until he said something. I had never sucked his cock before. Ever. Over all those years. I was shocked. And something I find even more shocking about it was that I had just come off my breakup with that seven year relationship guy, the Dreaded Whistler.

In fact, I sucked the cock of the very first guy I had sex with after him, and every one since then. Maybe he was the issue, the person that kept me from exploring his cock, or more accurately, kept me from wanting to explore it. Was it his cock, the taste or feel of it? Was it his demeanor, his arrogant nature? I don’t know, maybe a combination, I just know that I didn’t like it.

Personally, I don’t have any preference for circumcised vs uncircumcised cocks and honestly, I couldn’t tell you what the majority of the men I have been intimate with have had. It isn’t something I really notice or pay any attention to. What I do notice, now that I am so absolutely smitten with them, is the way they smell, the way they taste, the curve of their shaft. I can tell you if they erupt like a volcano or shoot a load like a power hose, and whether their cum is thick and gooey or thinner and more translucent. I can tell you if they made be gag due to size or due to volume of ejaculate. I can describe how each felt when they went from flaccid to firm in my mouth. I can tell you if they tasted bitter, salty, sweet, or bland.

On to JJ. He was fun for a while. A nice distraction. It was with him I first noticed the desire I truly had to suck cock. I had read somewhere, or possibly heard from someone as I couldn’t find anything when I was looking this morning, that when you get horny and excited, when you really want to suck a cock, your mouth salivates to lubricate itself. Urban myth or scientific phenomenon, I find it to be true for me. I recall driving to his place one evening, excited to get together and thinking about having him. My mouth was watering like crazy. I had never noticed that sensation before and it got me even more excited.

When I get all horny and turned on my cunt produces its own lubricating juices. It’s a natural reaction. It primes itself for intercourse. Similarly, when I want a cock in my mouth, when all I can think of is sucking and licking and tasting an amazing cock, my mouth self lubricates and primes itself. Do you ever notice this happen to you?

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9 thoughts on “From Never To Every Time

  1. Scarlett

    Yes! My mouth started watering while I was reading this thinking about it! lol

  2. Scarlett

    Yes! My mouth started watering while reading and thinking about giving blow jobs!! 🙂

  3. Interestingly (for me) was that my wife started sucking my cock last November.
    Okay, she’d done it before obviously, but it was very sporadic/occasional. Now she does it at least every other time we have sex. Yes, I’m loving it – but part of me is wondering what brought about the change?!

    • If you were brought up to believe “good girls” didn’t do such things it can take a long time to get over that, even if you don’t even realize you have that hang up.

  4. Thank you for participating in The Fellatio Project and what an interesting post! Fascinating how your preferences changed once you finished one relationship.

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. please_no_names_here

    I’m not sure if I’m welcome here, I’m a guy.

    I used to date a woman who, well, we did a lot of fellatio. For about a year, every time I saw her, she gave me herself that way. We loved each other very much and she did this for me because she knew I enjoyed it.

    She always swallowed, she, well, usually we’d talk (non-sex, ordinary conversation,) but when it was time we’d make-out and she’d go down on me.

    Her eyes dilated, her breathing slowed and became much more regular, heavier, slower. Her mental focus just changed, all she thought about was pleasing me, nothing else, not at those times. I used to talk with her, many times I’d read to her because I wanted her to be able to concentrate (I was helping her study,) so I avoided making her hott.

    She was a woman like some of you, I never pushed her to do me, (nearly 30 years later we’re still friends, married to other partners so we avoid meeting, it would immediately result in a trip to the nearest hotel.) She liked doing me, that’s why she did it.

    She was about ten years older than me.

  6. Whatever it was you discovered that turned on the switch, please let me know. Then bottle it and sell it — you’ll make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

  7. I have never noticed that my mouth gets wetter when I want to suck cock, but maybe it does. Maybe it works the same as it does when you think of yummy food, then your mouth seems to water too?

    Rebel xox

  8. It is really funny, I have to wonder if age has anything to do with it. I hit a mid-life crisis and things changed in regard to my willingness and even want to give my husband head. (my first husband did not benefit much in this way). Then I read a few books…..okay it started with “50” and went on from there…. I have read more blogs and more books in the past year then I did the entire time I was working on my Bachelors degree.
    My husband thinks I have a tumor or something because I am horny 24/7 and he is 8 years older so he is thinking I have become pretty high maintenance. Now here I am reading all about it and blogging about it. I used to think that it was pretty demeaning and I was not going to be down on my knees for anyone. Not sooo much anymore.

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