TMIT – Who’s Counting?

TMI Tuesday is here again! A big thank you to blogger for this week’s fun questions.

Who’s Counting?

1. Do you/have you ever kept track of the number or people you have been with?
I used to have a list on my computer but lost it when that computer crashed and I didn’t have a back up. I considered doing it again, but I don’t sleep with that many guys  (anymore) and it’s not a competition. My number at the time was kind of depressing actually. Not in a too few way but rather a “I can’t believe I’ve had sex with this many people” kind of way.

2. To get specific, How many people have you –

a. slept with – too many! Let’s just say it is definitely more than 70, less than 100, I think :-/
b. kissed (in a romantic way, obviously) – truly romantic? That’s easy, four
c. given oral to – 11, but did not swallow all
d. received oral fromhmm, the majority. I’ve only been with two who never gave me oral
etc…– don’t you think I’ve already shared more than enough TMI?

3. What is the most amount of people you have been with at one time? (twosome, threesome, foursome, etc)
Threesome is the most so far. I’m up for more but have not had that pleasure yet.

4. Have you ever had multiple partners in the same day, just different times? (One person in the morning, another at lunch, and one at dinner, etc)

I have had two different partners in the same day, twice actually. Both were spontaneous happenings and very surprising. These days I don’t think I could do that. The only way would be if my partner were involved somehow, like we were together during the day and then we picked someone up in the evening, or some similar scenario.

Bonus: Describe your best multiple person encounter, either something that actually happened or one that you would want to happen. Or both.
I believe I’ve already posted a fantasy on my blog, here. I am working on telling the threesome stories. My problem is that there always seemed to be something missing, and I don’t want it to sound like they weren’t all great. They were, in different ways. I will be having another soon so maybe I will share that one with you all. 😉

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


One thought on “TMIT – Who’s Counting?

  1. a 100 is not too many. In fact, no number is ‘too many’ if you’re happy with it. And even 1 can be too many if you’re not happy with it. The question is – do you own your 70-100?

    My number is in the 500+ and I don’t think that’s too high. I also have no intention of stopping to add to that list any time soon 🙂

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