One Special Soul ~ Anonymous

Another guest post. This one by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. I asked for him to contribute and told him he could write whatever he wanted. I hope he allows me to share some of his more erotic pieces soon…

It is unfair
That you are able to tell me how much I mean to you,
How highly and dearly you think of me…
And yet I
Cannot say anything
But that I love you as a friend
Because that is all there is to feel,
All there is permitted.
Nothing more than being one of them
Who would take care of you,
Be beside you for a lifetime,
Be one whom you can be honest with no matter what.
Believe me
I am certainly blessed to be one of them
And to be as you said,
The first person to have put her profound trust in you,
One of the few who have caused you to shed tears,
To have stolen your hours of slumber and sanity,
To have made you truly smile.
But inside I find dissatisfaction,
Unsettled somehow though happy,
Knowing in myself that
There lies more in what I show-
In the times I spend with you,
In the letters that I give you,
In the poems…made of you…
Parts of me which I dedicate to you.
It took a while for me to realize
That while you struggled enough to love be enough as you should-
And not more than how you really wanted to-
I battled with the same dilemma
To avoid the pitfalls of shallow and aimless romance.
In this perspective I know
We prove to love so true…
So much that we wish to protect one another
From ourselves.
Forgive me
For I am not strong enough to profess
That I can be that special someone,
That I dream of being your special someone
Whom you see in me.
Forgive me
For I am not able to tell you all that is within me.
That even before you saw me differently,
I already found someone in you
Whom I fancied in the slightest,
Whom I aimed next on my friend’s list,
Whom I secretly smiled about.
Yet behind it all
And in the following days,
It was more than you ever knew
And hoped for to be.
And since I love you so much deeply
Than you and I ever felt and understood,
I wanted you to be free,
To grow through life while young,
To be the best you can ever be.
And perhaps in the process,
Find that one special soul who will complement you best
Regardless of whom she will turn out to be…
Someone else,
Or even…me.
Please understand

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