I’m not plain
though you may think me so
with a passion
and our desire
no need for all that kink
a warm embrace
a gentle kiss
that’s all I need
to keep me here
Maybe one day he’ll get me there.

sweet and pure
missionary is what I know
things must stay
always the same
because I have to play it safe
a little slap
a pull of hair
it’s never happened
don’t you dare
But, think you could explore down there?

why are we
so very nondescript
is there more
out there to be
something more inside of me
I wonder things
I think there must
be more to this than
what we share
Now, let’s begin to move us there.

One thought on “Vanilla?

  1. Moving away from Vanilla and towards something else, forgotten but part of me, of who I really am

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