My ABC’s and 123’s

I was inspired by some of my Wicked Wednesday cohorts to complete these ABC’s and 123’s of me. I said it would be a task to complete before my birthday. Since my birthday is still nearly two months away, I believe I succeeded. 😉

First with the ABC’s..

A – affectionate, artsy, affable

B – brilliant, brazen, blogger

C – creative, challenging, Canadian

D – delicious, deserving, dreamer

E – energy worker, eager, educated

F – firm, fixer, fellatist

G – gentle, Good Girl, generous

H – handful, healer, home-body

I – intuitive, idealistic, interesting

J – just, jovial

K – kinky, keen, kisser

L – lover, loyal, laughing

M – mother, Ma’am, maddening

N – naughty, nice, natural

O – opinionated, original, open

P – playful, passionate, Pisces

Q – quiet, quirky, quizzical

R – raunchy, reactive, romantic

S – spiritual, scarred, sexy, Stella

T – tease, twin, thoughtful

U – uncensored, unique

V – vixen, voluptuous, vulnerable

W – wordy, wise ass, wanting

X – xmosaic (occasionally)

Y – yearning, yelper

Z – zaftig, zealous, zany

And now for the numbers…

0 – debt

1 – child

2 – grandparents still alive

3 – tattoos so far

4 – lovers last year

5 – great grandparents I was lucky to know

6 – assorted siblings (2 full, 1 half, 3 step)

7 – cellphones I’ve owned

8 – toys in my drawer

9 – hours away

Others I have seen do this are Molly’s Daily Kiss, Rebel’s Notes, and Mia’s Musings. Join in and share your ABC’s and 123’s with us.

5 thoughts on “My ABC’s and 123’s

  1. It’s nice to get to know more of you through the words you have used above!

    Thanks for linking back 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Kat

    Love this! I am definitely going to join in!

  3. misfiery

    I was excited to read “twin” I am a twin also. I am going to try this weekend to do an ABC post. It was fun to read yours.

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