Sex and Energy

I am an energy worker. I’ve been doing it for many years and practice several modalities. I’ve always looked at it as a health thing, something pure and powerful meant only to be used in the context of healing. I never thought of it in the context of sex. At least not until recently.

“A” and I have talked about reiki and other types of energetic and natural therapies that I practice. It has been the topic of discussion on several occasions as he is intrigued and would like a treatment. I told him I would give him one, but that it would have to be on a no play day.

Why? Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? Isn’t sex and play just a different kind of energetic connection or energy transfer? We often hear about sexual chemistry and the sexual energy between two people, we even talk about it in the context of our own relationships. Why not enhance that if we can?

Power_Series_0201_AJ_by_artonline (533x800)If you work with energy already, it does seem like a natural progression to bring it from the treatment room into the bedroom. The bedroom, or dungeon as the case may be. When you are whipping your partner as she is strapped to a cross, don’t you use that whip as an extension of your own self, flowing energy through it to reach her just as the whips end snaps on her bare skin? That is exactly what you are doing. That is the intent. In many cases we are transferring that energy without even being aware of it.

You can send loving healing energy, or you can send raw carnal energy. It totally depends on the situation at hand. It does not always have to be the same, can not be the same actually, as each encounter and partner are different. It would get boring and ineffective if it were always the same. It would, in essence, become your missionary style.

Yes, you can even send unkind energy but that is not the kind of energy I am referring to, not something I practice or condone, and that is a topic for another day.

After a conversation with another friend who has been enjoying energy play for many years I have been thinking about it a lot more, sex and energy. There really is no reason for the two to be mutually exclusive. The way he describes it, the excitement that he exudes and the connectedness he feels with his partner, makes me exited and want to jump in full throttle.

I could start right now if you are ready. And that’s the thing really, you have to be ready for it as well. It isn’t just about me and what I want or what I can do. It is also about you, what you want, and what you are open to. I can’t force it on you. That would be like forcing you to be happy. It would be nice if we could but it just doesn’t work that way. I can help you to be happy. I can be happy and that can affect you to some degree, but I can’t actually force you, just as I can’t force you to accept the energy I put forth to use it.

Tantra, or tantric sex, is a form of energy play. It’s end goal isn’t orgasm though. The point of it rather, is to take all that sexual energy you would normally release during orgasm and recycle it back into your body. This means that rather than draining yourself to the point of falling asleep, you would end up with more energy than when you started.

That connection we have with our partners, the closeness and euphoria at that moment of release, that is what I want to make stronger. That is what I want to elevate. I want to make it more freeing, more blissful. And I can, possibly, but only if you want to as well.

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