Christmas Wish List

Just a few things I would enjoy having this holiday season. One is Mister specific, but you are welcome to give the others…

One: A cock to admire and enjoy. I love going down on a guy. I like to take my time and explore every inch, every point275px-c3a9douard-henri_avril_20 with my tongue, and lips, from balls to tip. I was told recently that I don’t give blowjobs, I perform the act of fellatio. I thought that was the best compliment. The thing is I thoroughly enjoy it, it isn’t a chore or something I feel I have to do. I want to do it. I crave it.

Two: To be called Good Girl. I love being told I am a Good Girl and get upset at being told I’m not. I tend to pout even. It’s a very funny thing the power some simple little words can have over you. I will never tire of hearing those two perfect words, Good Girl.

tumblr_lzhiklu1Zj1rpw6tso1_400Three: A threesome, preferably MMF. Not that MFF’s are not fun, but I do so like being the centre of attention, having a hard cock at the ready at all times, sucking and fucking so to speak. It can often take a while to get me to orgasm, so having two men touching me, eating me, fucking me, pleasing me… I can’t help but let go and release to a seemingly never ending flow of orgasms. It is pretty damn hot I must say.

Four: To laugh. I know, it may seem like an odd request as a gift, and maybe it is, but how often do you laugh? Heartily and with complete abandon? Even a case of the giggles can do so much for one’s spirit. It’s easy to make someone smile and laugh, and it’s free to give. Even in the throes of passion a good laugh can work. It’s supposed to be fun. Lighten up and enjoy it.

For today, I wish you joy and cheer…
For tomorrow, I wish you happiness…
For always, I wish you favorite dreams that one by one come true…

Happy Holidays. Joyeux Noël. Nollaig Shona Dhuit. In whatever manner or language you celebrate, Merry Christmas!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. I love your list! I love the sexiness in it, but I also love your last wish. Indeed, a laugh is free to give and laughter can set on free!
    I wish you and your loved ones a fabulous Christmas!

    Rebel xox

  2. What a great list! I can relate to every item on it 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you as well!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. A wonderful list, with marvellous wishes. I hope you get them all!

    xx Dee

  4. This is a wonderful list, all of which I would not to add to mine! I hope you get to check them all off.

  5. I think this is a wonderful list of desires…. and I love that you included laughter, it is such a truly important part of life.


  6. All of the items on your list are definitely sexy. But like you I love to laugh, it is a definite stress reducer for me..

  7. Good girl…well, there’s one, anyway 😉


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