Sext Fantasy

A friend and I were texting when he asked me to tell him a fantasy of mine. Following was my response. I have left it in it’s original form, no rewrite, no editing.

Mmm… I come home from a long day and you have a nice bath and glass of wine ready for me. You tell me to go have a relaxing bath and have some clothes laid out for me to put on when I am done… I will be wearing a black lace bra with matching thing, a pair of sexy heels, and a blindfold… I get dressed, put the blindfold on, and kneel beside the bed as you instructed… I wait in anticipation… nervously… then the bedroom door opens and someone comes in.. he leans down for a kiss.. It isn’t you.. then he stands up and puts his cock in my mouth.. fucking my mouth good… I am enjoying this, as is he. I can feel he is close to cumming in my mouth, but then he stops and pulls out… Someone else walks into the room, comes over and offers a kiss then proceeds to fuck my mouth like the last guy.. again, he pulls out before releasing his hot cum in my mouth… another man comes into the room, leans down and gives my a hot passionate kiss. It is you. Still no words have been spoken. You take my hand and lead me to crawl onto the bed. One of the other men is there laying down. I straddle him and he slides his cock deep inside. Then I feel another’s hands on my rear, massaging, a slick finger penetrating my ass… oh my.. I can feel him come close behind me. Then he ever so slowly slides his cock in… I am full, from both ends… What a sensation, being ridden by these two men… and I don’t even know who they are… I am so hot… then I feel a stir and you are there again.. In front of me.. your cock now in my mouth.. I love your cock, I suck it enthusiastically… every part of me is full and and I am tingling all over… I know I am going to explode in a great orgasm…

His response, “This sounds so erotic”

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