Noun: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something
Verb: Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of
noun.  confidence – faith – credit – reliance – belief
verb.  believe – confide – rely – credit – hope – entrust

We all have people we trust implicitly to tell us the truth no matter what, to be there when we need them, and even when we don’t. There are people we trust with our lives. Those are the people we let in and reveal our true selves to. Those are the ones we would do most anything for, and who we know would do the same for us.

Who are your people? Or your person?

Some say they trust their parents or their partners, maybe even that best friend they’ve known since second grade.

I don’t trust my parents implicitly. I don’t. Yes, I trust that they love me and do their best to care for me and help me when I need it, but no, I don’t trust them to tell them that I like kinky sex, that I like to be dominated, that I’ve been having a sexual relationship with someone more than 15 years my junior, or that I write about such things on this blog for the world to read. I also don’t trust to tell them about my financial problems or that I’ve had struggles with depression.

It’s not that I believe they wouldn’t continue to love me the way they have, it’s that I know they would judge me for these things. Sure, they would initially say otherwise, but I also know them well enough to know that I would get the remarks and comments before long.

… No man wants to marry a woman who’s been so promiscuous. There must be something wrong with that young man if he wants to have sex with someone my age. Why can’t I manage my money, did they not teach me well enough? Dominated? Why would you let somebody hit you (because it’s apparently ok for them to spank me as a child, but it’s not ok to like it sexually and want a man to put me over his knee and give me a good hot spanking), you should think more of yourself than that…

I don’t need that judgemental nonsense in my life.

Judgement is what makes people close themselves up and hide the parts of themselves that make them so unique. How can you open up and find somebody who is right for you, your life, if you can’t show them all of you for fear of being judged? That is, unfortunately, the way we live most of our lives.

There is one person you must trust, if that is the relationship you have, and that is your Dom. You give them everything, every single part of you, and they give themselves to you in return. They know your flaws, your fears, your limits. They know when and how to push you towards those limits. They even know when you are ready to be pushed past them.

They support, teach, comfort and love. They also reprimand and punish when that is what is warranted. They do not do these things unconditionally, but rather with the knowledge that you trust them unconditionally. Above all, they do not judge.

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